A lonely lion on the streets of a big city. Passersby couldn't believe it

A lonely lion on the streets of a big city.  Passersby couldn't believe it

Terrifying scenes occurred in Cairo. In the capital of Egypt, suddenly there was a lot of news about a lion wandering around a residential area. Nobody had any idea how he got there.

Almost anyone would panic at the sight of a lion moving through the streets of a large city. There were many feelings of shock and anxiety among the people of Egypt. As soon as they heard that the animal was on the loose, they immediately felt threatened and did not want to leave their homes. Support from appropriate services was needed.

Lion in Cairo. It was a shocking sight

Although we associate African countries with wild animals, we know that even there they have their own spaces and tend to avoid people. Cities have never been and will never be a good place for lions, elephants or tigers, so whenever such an animal appears on busy streets, you need to react quickly. This was the case in Cairo.

In the eastern part of the Egyptian capital, both residents and tourists could spot the lion. He walked through Madinata's villa development in New Cairo, and word spread quickly. Fortunately, it was not an adult, but a scared youngster. However, you must remember that even this cannot be treated as harmless and sweet.

People who had the opportunity to see a wild cat reported that it, among others, he sat meekly under the car and felt embarrassed. There were many people around taking photos of everything, which only increased the lion's fear – it was known to be restless and meowing. Later, the animal moved towards one of the houses, and the residents immediately called the police.

A reaction was necessary. The generals themselves were looking for the lion

A report of a lion wandering the streets of Cairo was taken very seriously. Not only policemen, but also generals took action. Fortunately, the hunt for the animal did not last long – it was caught in a special net. The next individual was safely handed over to the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, who put it in a cage and took it to an animal shelter.

Although the lion case was solved quickly, it still remains a mystery where it came from in the city. The website vetogate.com reports that the case is being investigated by a special group that is interviewing eyewitnesses. In addition, local monitoring is being reviewed. Chances are this will help determine what happened and allow the pet owner to be arrested.

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