Confederation on tightening abortion law. They want to remove one of the premises

Confederation on tightening abortion law.  They want to remove one of the premises

– We support the removal of the condition of rape – admitted a representative of Confederation during the debate on TVN24. Michał Wawer is another politician from this group who is in favor of tightening the regulations.

On Sunday, September 17, representatives of five Polish parties took part in the “Decision Time: DEBATA” program on TVN24. The guests included representatives of the Civic Coalition, the Confederation of Freedom and Independence, the New Left, the Nonpartisan Local Government Electoral Committee and the Third Way. Law and Justice refused to participate in the program.

Confederation against the rape premise

Participants answered questions about current issues, such as the visa scandal and the grain embargo, as well as ideological issues. One of the topics discussed was the attitude of individual groups to the current abortion law. The Confederation’s candidate, Michał Wawer, replied that he and his colleagues were in favor of tightening the regulations.

– We support the removal of the condition of rape – he said on TVN24. Wawer explained that although rape is a serious crime that should be investigated and punished, the child should not be held responsible. – Every child, regardless of how it was conceived, deserves to be born and given a chance to live a full life – continued the politician.

Another vote on abortion

– We postulate the construction of a comprehensive women’s support system and the simplification of adoption procedures, said the Confederation representative, noting that in his opinion, a rape victim cannot terminate a pregnancy, but is also not obliged to raise a child conceived as a result of it. For this reason, Michał Wawer emphasized that Poland needs a system that will facilitate and accelerate the adoption process.

The politician’s party colleagues had also previously supported the removal of the rape condition. Sławomir Mentzen argued that the Polish system should severely punish rapists, but at the same time prevent the killing of innocent children.

In turn, Confederation’s candidate, Anna Baryłka, was in favor of a complete ban on abortion, thus rejecting both the premise of rape and the threat to the woman’s health and life. – So what if after a rape you don’t have an arm or a leg? He has the right to come into this world – she said in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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