Remigiusz Mróz was a hair’s breadth away from politics. Bronisław Komorowski stood in his way

Remigiusz Mróz was a hair's breadth away from politics.  Bronisław Komorowski stood in his way

The most widely read Polish writer does not shy away from politics in his works. As it turns out, he could have been a real part of it, if only Bronisław Komorowski had been at work one day.

Campus Poland of the Future is underway in Olsztyn. Participants can meet people from the world of politics, but also culture. As it turned out, this second group of invitees may connect with the first one.

During the meeting with the authors, Remigiusz Mróz admitted that he once planned a political career, but his plans were thwarted by… the future president of Poland. Although he had told this story before, he revealed his name only now.

Remigiusz Mróz had big political plans

– Even before I went to law school, I had such political ambitions. This was also the reason why I started studying administration. I thought that I wanted to become a politician, the writer recalled during the meeting.

This was also one of the reasons why he chose to study administration. According to him, it was supposed to help him in his future career.

– I had quite advanced plans then, so I decided that I would study and get involved at the same time. I made an entire political “business plan” based on the best examples from abroad. It was then that Obama’s first campaign was starting, in which he actually used the Internet, as the first politician on a mass scale, which actually succeeded, Mróz said.

The writer wrote down his entire plan to become an MP

He admitted that he closely followed Barack Obama’s campaign. He observed it and planned how it could be implemented in Poland. He wrote down his entire vision, from becoming a councilor to becoming an MP, “so that people in the party know that he comes here with specifics, and not just to ‘don’t know what’ to do there.”

– So I went to the MP on parliamentary duty to report it all to him. I had such a beautiful briefcase. I dressed a little better than today and with a head full of ideas and enthusiasm, I showed up at Bronisław Komorowski’s parliamentary office – revealed the writer.

Bronisław Komorowski stood in Remigiusz Mróz’s path to politics

As Remigiusz Mróz reports, on site it turned out that the future president was doing something completely different while on duty. He heard from a woman sitting in the parliamentary office: “So, how are you? What did you think, that the MP would be sitting here?” To the statement that yes, because she was on duty, the woman replied: “Not now. He has many other responsibilities. Sir, if you want to join the party, please, there is an office on Marszałkowska Street, submit it there.

– I went to the party office on Marshal Street and entered. I remember standing there, there were several stands there. I stood with that briefcase, I stood, I stood. Nobody was interested in me. I thought “fuck it” and went in. Unfortunately, I no longer became a politician – Remigiusz Mróz concluded the story.

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