Today is Good Friday. Marianna Schreiber writes about people “posing as Catholics”

Today is Good Friday.  Marianna Schreiber writes about people "posing as Catholics"

On Good Friday, Marianna Schreiber writes about the hypocrisy of people “posing as Catholics.” She also referred to the breakup with her husband.

Let us recall that at the beginning of March 2024, Law and Justice MP and candidate for the president of Bydgoszcz, Łukasz Schreiber, unexpectedly announced that he was divorcing his wife. He conveyed this news in one of the interviews and it quickly turned out that Marianna Schreiber found out about it at the same time as the whole of Poland. The Schreibers have been married since 2015 and have a daughter, Patrycja.

Marianna Schreiber in a series of posts about separation from her husband

Active online, Marianna Schreiber once again referred to the difficult time of separation from her husband in a series of posts published in recent days. She openly admitted that when she has her mind occupied, she copes with the situation quite well. However, evenings are the worst for her.

– Do you know, my dears, what I realized? I thought to myself that the more my head is occupied with anything, the more things I do, I'm glad I don't have time to think, to break things down into prime factors of my emotional and heart life. Because when I sat at home in the evening and couldn't sleep, those were the worst moments. That's why I'm glad that a lot is happening in my life, emphasized Marianna Schreiber, speaking to her fans.

In another story posted on InstaStory, she also listed her “four problems”. “I analyze too much, I feel too strongly, I try to understand everything, I trust the wrong people. And you?” – she asked her fans.

Marianna Schreiber attacks people “posing as Catholics”

In one of the latest reports, Schreiber, in turn, referred to Good Friday.

“Today is Lent. It is on days like this that the hypocrisy of many people who pose as Catholics and who often talk about values ​​derived from Christian religion and ethics is most visible. I will never understand this. It's terrible. If you don't feel something in life or don't believe in something, just don't do it and don't lie to others. It's really not difficult,” she wrote.

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