A pit with the bodies of victims of the Volhynia massacre was found. Prime Minister Morawiecki spoke

Morawiecki warns against Tusk.  “He is a very dangerous man.”

On Friday, October 27, Mateusz Morawiecki published a recording on social media in which he talked about the Volhynia crime. He announced the discovery of a new mass grave.

– In the Ternopil Oblast in Ukraine, Polish and Ukrainian researchers found a mass pit with the bodies of Polish victims of the murder committed by Ukrainian nationalists in 1945. According to survivors, about a hundred Poles were killed there, mainly women and children. This is the first such discovery in many years, the Prime Minister said in the recording.

Morawiecki on “hell in hell”

– The south-eastern borderlands of the Republic of Poland witnessed an exceptional crime. They witnessed hell within hell prepared by Ukrainian nationalists for their neighbors. This crime needs to get a name. This is a terrible, cruel genocide. We have made our demands clear and we finally have a chance to restore the memory and give a dignified burial to our compatriots, emphasized Mateusz Morawiecki.

– There can be no full Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation without finding all the remains of the victims of the Volhynian crime. We have already submitted an application to the relevant institutions for consent to exhumation, research and a dignified burial. Importantly, the people involved in the work also include residents of nearby towns, noted the head of government.

Prime Minister Morawiecki: We will not rest

– We will not rest until we commemorate all the victims of Ukrainian nationalism in Volhynia and Podolia. I would like to thank everyone who, regardless of their political views, dealt with the issue of genocide in the south-eastern borderlands of the Second Polish Republic, concluded the politician.

He also added a comment in his Facebook post mentioning his arrangements with the Ukrainian authorities. “In July, during my visit to Ukraine in the town of Puźniki, I wrote that the truth about the Volhynian Massacre must be our bridge to the future, which we will build over the stream of hatred. We must close this painful wound in the history of the Polish and Ukrainian nations,” he emphasized.

“The path to this leads through reliable research work by experts and historians, as well as the search for the remains of victims, exhumations – and burial. The work is ongoing and will continue. We will finish this matter. We owe this to the thousands of victims of Volhynia and their families,” Morawiecki added.

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