“Our new home.” The family had nowhere to go. This is how the team transformed their house

After the holidays, the “Our New Home” program, hosted by Katarzyna Dowbor, returns. While waiting for new episodes, we remind you of the most spectacular metamorphoses so far. See how the team managed to transform the house in Gołkowice Górne in the Dunajec Valley.

Where is the girls’ father?

Mrs. Maria wanted to live in her grandparents’ house in Gołkowice Górne with her two daughters: 15-year-old Nikola and 12-year-old Nina, whom she raises alone. Problems in Mrs. Maria’s marriage began when her husband, who was working abroad, returned to Poland. My father disappeared for days at a time and came home under the influence of alcohol. This led to arguments.

Nikola’s diagnosis

Nikola, 15 years old at the time of recording the episode, suffered from myeloid leukemia when her parents were getting a divorce. – We spent seven months in the hospital waiting for a donor and a transplant. My biggest fear was that she might die, her mother recalls. The procedure was successful, and Nikola was able to return home shortly thereafter. She had to have appropriate conditions, so the family rented more apartments. During the program, the family was living in a council flat, which they soon had to move out of.

Grandparents’ house

The only place the family could find shelter was their grandparents’ house. Unfortunately, it was in a deplorable condition. There were no floors, the walls were full of holes, the roof and windows were leaking. The house had no heating, plumbing or bathroom.

The team of the “Our New Home” program, led by Katarzyna Dowbor, came to the rescue. See how the house has changed after their intervention.

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