Complicated situation for Poles after the match against Moldova. EURO 2024 qualifying table

Complicated situation for Poles after the match against Moldova.  EURO 2024 qualifying table

The Poles drew 1-1 with Moldova in the EURO 2024 qualifying match. Although Michał Probierz’s players performed well in the second half, they were unable to score the second goal. The loss of points significantly complicates the chances of direct promotion to next year’s tournament.

After the match against the Faroe Islands, the Polish national team went to the match against Moldova hoping for a revenge for the embarrassing defeat from a few months ago. Ultimately, there was no successful revenge. A 1-1 draw after goals by Ion Nicolaescu and Karol Świderski is more satisfactory for Sergei Kleshchenko’s team.

The complicated situation of Poles in the electric group. EURO 2024

After winning over the Faroe Islands, the Poles were theoretically able to advance on their own terms. It was enough to win against Moldova and the Czech Republic and, without anyone looking at it, they would be guaranteed direct promotion to the tournament in Germany. Unfortunately, the loss of points in the match against a lower-ranked rival seriously spoils the White and Reds’ chances.

The Czechs won the match against the Faroe Islands 1-0. Although the result may be surprising, regardless of the size, a victory is always worth three points. This means that our southern neighbors now have 11 points. The Poles have one point less, but unfortunately also one less match to play. There will be a direct match between both teams next month. Even if Touchstone’s team wins the match, the Czechs will still have to play a home match against Moldova. A win in this match will advance them from second place to the tournament in 2024.

EURO 2024 qualifying group E table

The Albanians are leading the table in Group E of the EURO 2024 qualifiers with 13 points. Poland is third, and Moldova is fourth, a point behind them. The match against Jaroslav Silhav’s team will take place on November 17.

EURO 2024 qualifying group E table

Place Representation: Matches: Goal balance: Points:
1. Albania 6 11:3 13
2. The czech republic 6 8:5 11
3. Poland 7 9:9 10
4. Moldova 6 6:6 9
5. Faroe Islands 7 2:13 1

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