Another city in Europe at risk. Alerts have been issued for tourists

Another city in Europe at risk.  Alerts have been issued for tourists

The tense situation in many European cities is taking its toll on residents and tourists. Everyone currently staying in Budapest will witness the actions of the police, who will inspect and search citizens. It is becoming less and less safe on site.

Due to the recent attack by Hamas on Israel, the world has been plunged into panic and the authorities of many countries are trying to ensure the greatest possible safety for their citizens. The threat is not always related to the risk of a direct attack by organized criminal groups. Two days ago, alarms were raised in Paris and tourists were evacuated from famous attractions. The reason was news about a potential threat. Earlier, in Italy, the famous Venetian ghetto was placed under special surveillance due to an attack in Israel. The situation in Budapest is just as tense now. Alarms and police checks are initiated in the city.

Alarms in Budapest. Intensified controls and searches

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Hungary, which is eagerly visited, among others: by Poles. Today, when you are there, you may notice a lot of commotion in the city center. The police announced increased controls throughout the capital, which will last from Friday noon to Saturday morning. All because there are attempts to organize a rally in support Palestinian Hamas and armed attacks on Israel.

“The purpose of the increased control is to prevent, detect and disrupt illegal activities and to maintain public order and security,” Hungarian police wrote on their website.

This weekend, tourists and locals will have to be very patient, it will be best to stay at home and postpone sightseeing to another date. Police officers will, among others: carry checks on people staying in public places, search buildings, check parcels and vehicles. For people unrelated to the case, it may cause great stress and discomfort.

The police in Budapest will be ruthless. Reasons for inspection too serious

The reasons for the upcoming inspections are so serious that the officers will act very quickly and thoroughly. “The police may, if necessary, remove or destroy with due care any item left unattended in a place open to public traffic that constitutes a threat to public safety,” reports the local daily. Tourists will have to be careful, because all you have to do is forget about your luggage, even for a moment, and you can say goodbye to it forever.

The rally, which is to be organized in honor of Hamas, is something the city does not want to allow. According to the police, a private person is responsible for the event. Anyone who tries to organize a rally will be subject to punishment. The state authorities threatened sanctions against anyone who took part in the illegal assembly. We would like to remind you that the conflict in the Middle East has been going on for 11 days and about 1.4 thousand people have already died. inhabitants of Israel and 3.5 thousand Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.

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