Bus accident in the mountains. One person died, two Poles injured

Bus accident in the mountains.  One person died, two Poles injured

Several dozen tourists were injured as a result of a bus accident returning from a popular tourist attraction. The police are investigating the causes of the crash.

A bus with several dozen people on board went off the corner and had an accident. There were tourists on board returning from the Mountain of the Seven Colors (also called the Rainbow Mountain), one of Peru’s greatest attractions. Two Poles were among the injured. One of the passengers of British origin died on the spot. The exact causes of the crash are still being determined.

The death of one of the tourists was confirmed, and two Poles were on board

Police officers are investigating the causes of a fatal accident in Peru involving tourists. A 35-year-old woman with British citizenship died and nearly 30 people were injured when a bus overturned. The incident occurred on October 16 on the popular Panamericana road in the Andes, on the Cuzco – Sicuani route. Most of the injured were identified. Among the people taken to hospital are a man and a woman from Poland. There were also passengers from the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil and Chile on board. There are photos from the scene available online that show the extent of the damage.

The injured were taken to local hospitals

According to information provided by the Peruvian media, the bus in which the tourists traveled came from an unregistered company that unofficially organized trips in the Cuzco region. It is suspected that a brake failure led to the vehicle accident. The police in Cuzco are analyzing the exact version of events.

The injured were transported to the nearest medical centers, including the local one in Quispicanchi and a more specialized one in Cuzco. According to the latest reports, only four of them are still in the hospital. The remaining tourists did not suffer any major injuries.

This is another bus accident that we have reported in recent days. In Venice, there were two accidents of the popular La Linea bus line in a short period of time.

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