The Polish volleyball player was in shock. What is the secret of Stefano Lavarini?

The Polish volleyball player was in shock.  What is the secret of Stefano Lavarini?

In the second year of his term, Stefano Lavarini began to achieve successes with Polish volleyball players, surprising almost the entire environment. What is the secret of his success? Agnieszka Korneluk explained a lot in this matter.

On August 15, the women’s European volleyball championship begins, in which the Polish national team will also take part. However, we will have to wait a bit for the first match of the White and Reds, because they will play the first match only a few days later. Before the tournament, however, everyone asks themselves one question – will our volleyball players be able to repeat the success of the League of Nations and stand on the podium again? Had they reached the medal zone again, Stefano Lavarini would have been hailed as a hero.

Stefano Lavarini surprised one of the Polish volleyball players

The Italian coach already has excellent press, because he made the Polish national team from an average team into a great one. Although from the outside he looks like a taciturn and secretive man, in fact he can inspire his charges. All of them speak only positively about the coach and hence such a great faith in the potential next success this summer.

But what is the phenomenon of Stefano Lavarini? Agnieszka Korneluk openly admitted that she was very surprised at the beginning of cooperation. She had a specific reason for it. – From the beginning, when he took over our national team, I was shocked that he knows each player so well. He figured us out perfectly, even when it comes to mental approach and psychological issues – admitted the middle one in “Przegląd Sportowy”

What is the phenomenon of Stefano Lavrini?

The volleyball player also explained what is behind the Italian’s stern face, which we often see during matches. It turns out that this is just a facade, and in fact the coach gives his players all the best.

“He has a positive attitude and is able to find a balance between training and what is going on off the pitch. We know when we need to work to the maximum of our abilities, and when we can relax. He is a great expert who spends a lot of time on tactics and is able to pass it on to us perfectly – summed up Korneluk, listing the most important advantages of the Polish women’s coach.

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