Kuba Wojewódzki showed his bank card. “The number can be determined”

Kuba Wojewódzki showed his bank card.  "The number can be determined"

Kuba Wojewódzki posted an advertising post on his Instagram in which he accidentally revealed his bank details. Internet users loudly commented on the incident, and this was not the end of the mishaps.

Journalist and celebrity Kuba Wojewódzki went crazy with advertising and made his bank details public. It’s true that the entry quickly disappeared, but nothing is lost for long on the Internet.

Kuba Wojewódzki showed his bank card – a mistake when advertising mBank

Kuba Wojewódzki published a post on his Instagram (@kuba_wojewodzki_official) advertising the Visa card issued by mBank. There would be nothing unique in this type of cooperation with the brand if the celebrity had not decided to show his plastic and cover the card from the wrong side – at the beginning of its issue.

“We would like to remind celebrities who show their payment cards online that the beginning of the card number can be determined because it results from the standards (ISO/IEC 7812-2/ANSI X4.13), and the remaining hidden digits, the so-called The IIN, for mBank, is also publicly known… – writes Niebezpiecznik on the official account on X.

Internet users quickly noticed that in the background on the left there was a logo of a competing bank. They also guessed the exact numbers and encouraged the journalist to “advertise” the card better by showing it from the other side as well. There is a CVC code with which a complete set of data would become public, enabling, among others, online shopping at the expense of a celebrity. However, there are also ways to link a transaction to an account only based on the card number.

What not to do with a payment card

It is true that banks usually also use additional security measures, such as confirming the transaction in a mobile application or with an SMS code. We also do not know whether the card from the ill-fated photo actually belonged to the journalist or whether it was produced only for advertising purposes and is inactive. The chances that Wojewódzki will sponsor purchases for commentators are therefore slim.

Nevertheless, it is worth emphasizing that sharing photos of bank cards on the Internet is dangerous and should not be done. Less prudent or younger Internet users have repeatedly fallen victim to very similar scams or extortions. People impersonating bank employees or ordinary trolls have been regularly asking people to present card details for many years.

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