Catalan nudists are sick of clothed tourists. “We feel uncomfortable. It’s disrespectful”

Catalan nudists are sick of clothed tourists.  “We feel uncomfortable.  It's disrespectful"

The Catalan Federation of Naturists and Nudists fights against the influx of people wearing swimsuits on the beaches. Supporters of naked sunbathing claim that it makes them feel uncomfortable there.

Catalan nudists are fed up with tourists who are increasingly using their beaches without following the rules. “Before, people would come to a nudist beach and leave or undress,” Segimon Rovira, 56, who heads the Catalan Naturist and Nudist Federation, told The Guardian.

“Now they’re staying and wearing bathing suits. But what they don’t realize is that if there are a lot of them, they end up making us uncomfortable. It’s disrespectful,” the man laments.

Nudists in Catalonia defend their beaches

Rovira explains that nudism is not forbidden in Spain and you can be naked on any beach. “But in order not to disturb people, we prefer to go to beaches that have traditionally been designated for nudists and where most people go naked. We want people to respect that.”

There are about fifty such beaches in Catalonia. Local nudists intend to fight to preserve the tradition. Recently, the association even sent a letter to the Catalan government asking for a meeting to discuss “discrimination faced by nudists on beaches.”

Members of the federation suggest that a way to deal with the problem could be better marking the beaches or organizing a public campaign.

“Invasion of Textiles”. Wine social media

“The Guardian” reports that in this context, the local media even write about the “invasion of textiles” on local beaches. This was supposed to be caused by the growing activity of travel bloggers and influencers who search for places off the main tourist routes and show them on their social media, often not paying attention to the fact that these are nudist beaches.

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