Poisonous creatures washed up on the beach. They resemble eyeballs

Poisonous creatures washed up on the beach.  They resemble eyeballs

This is the second such information in a week. It seems that mysterious creatures that may be dangerous to humans have appeared on a Texas beach.

Recently we wrote, among others: about toxic snails that can be found on beaches in Egypt. It is recommended not to touch them under any circumstances and rather look at them from a distance. Their venom can pose a serious threat to humans. Now similar information has come from Texas. Creatures that look like… eyeballs have appeared in the US state. And they are not as friendly as you might think.

Poisonous creatures in Texas. They swam ashore

These “terrifying” cousins ​​of the Portuguese sailor should rather be admired from a distance. Although their appearance may be intriguing and tempting to look at them up close, it is better to keep a safe distance from them.

In Texas, creatures that are poisonous have appeared on the beach. Warnings have been issued for tourists to be careful where they step.

“We regret to inform you that 'spaghetti monsters,' stinging marine animals shockingly resembling an eyeball, have washed ashore in Texas,” wrote a post on the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies Facebook page.

There have been “several reports” of these terrifying creatures along the shoreline on Mustang Island in the past week.

An animal that threatens humans

“These jellyfish are not actually jellyfish, but siphonophores, just like the Portuguese sailor. It is actually a colony of animals living as one,” the institute explained. “This spaghetti monster, also called string jelly, has the scientific name Rhizophysa. Filled with gas at the top, it looks at first glance like an eyeball, with long tentacles below.”

If you see one on the beach, stay away

“Just admire their beauty, take photos but don't touch,” the post continued. “Unless you want to feel the pain.”

Siphonophores are colonial organisms composed of many individual creatures, called zooids. They feed by stinging and paralyzing small fish with their long, venomous tentacles. Contact with them can be extremely painful. Spaghetti monsters come from the tropical parts of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

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