Captain of the Polish volleyball team with a touching entry. The fans are delighted!

Captain of the Polish volleyball team with a touching entry.  The fans are delighted!

Joanna Wołosz, as expected, was included in the composition of the White and Reds for the European Championship tournament. The captain of the Polish national team, even before the start of the fight for primacy on the Old Continent, posted an interesting entry in social media.

Some say that the Polish national team has one of the best, if not the best playmaker in the world. We are talking about Joanna Wołosz, who, after a break related to m. with an injury, she returned to the ranks of the White-Reds. The experienced volleyball player was in the tournament squad for ME 2023. Even before the start of the tournament, she shared with the fans a touching entry on the web.

Joanna Wołosz won the hearts of fans with her entry

The captain of the national team boasted of a new member of the family. Teddi, also called Tadeusz by Wołosz, is a beautiful dog presented by the Polish representative in the photos and video.

“Hey! I apologize in advance if my account becomes dog spam. I present to you Teddy, or if something goes wrong – Tadeusz. I am proud that I can finally call myself a Dog Mom. In the video, clearly Teddie gave me millions of kisses for good luck, because after all, the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP is just a moment away and there, together with the GODs, we plan to do a little bit. Tadek stays on holidays with his grandparents, so I know that I have nothing to worry about! Cheeeeeem” – Wołosz wrote on Instagram.

The post with the cute quadruped met with a great response. She is delighted with Maria Stenzel, a friend from the Wołosz national team. Libero Biało-Czerwonych added a meaningful comment, joining a large group of people in love with a quadruped.

When will the Polish volleyball team play at Euro 2023?

Although the tournament officially starts on Tuesday, August 15, the Polish women will play their first match on Friday (i.e. August 18). Biało-Czerwone will compete at the opening of the struggle with Slovenia. Then Polish women will play with Hungarians, Serbians, Belgians and at the end of group struggles with Ukrainians.

The knockout stage of Euro 2023 will start on August 26. The final is scheduled for September 3 and will take place in Brussels.

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