Glapiński showed Polish gold reserves. “You can see PLN 20 billion behind me”

Glapiński showed Polish gold reserves.  “You can see PLN 20 billion behind me”

The conference of the President of the NBP, Adam Glapiński, began in an unusual way. A video was broadcast showing the president in one of the gold vaults.

Poland will increase its gold reserves. During the February conference on the current assessment of the economic situation in the country, the President of the National Bank of Poland announced the latest decision of the central bank.

Gold worth PLN 27.5 billion

– The value of gold in one chest is currently, at the current exchange rate, PLN 163.9 million. The total value of gold stored in this vault is PLN 19.7 billion. Behind me you can see about PLN 20 billion in gold bars. In all NBP vaults in Poland we store a total of 105 tons of gold with a current value of PLN 27.5 billion – said President Adam Glapiński in a video broadcast at the beginning of the conference.

– This is only a part of the entire gold reserve of Poles. In total, we currently have 359 tons of gold worth PLN 94.1 billion. On behalf of Poles, the National Bank of Poland holds 359 tons, of which 105 tons are stored in vaults in Poland, 124 tons in the Bank of England, and the remaining 130 tons in the New York branch of the Federal Reserve – he explained.

Poland’s security

– Foreign locations result from obvious security reasons. We live in dangerous times and for the good of the state, these resources are distributed so that they are always at the disposal of the Polish state – said Adam Glapiński.

– Polish currency reserves and gold reserves are among the largest in the world. The gold you see belongs to all Poles. This is our common security for the future, our insurance against bad times. I hope these never come, but NBP feels obliged to think and act about such scenarios – added.

– That is why the National Bank of Poland decided to further increase gold resources, up to 20%. its share of official reserve assets. This is an indicator that is characteristic of the richest, safest and most reliable countries – explained the president of the National Bank of Poland.

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