Fourteen years ago, he won the European Championship gold with the Poles. Now he has indicated who he supports

Fourteen years ago, he won the European Championship gold with the Poles.  Now he has indicated who he supports

For the first time in fourteen years, Polish volleyball players have a chance to win the gold medal at the European Championships. To achieve this, you need to defeat the well-disposed Italians. The only coach who managed to win the European Championship was Daniel Castellani. The Argentine pointed out who he supports now.

This year is very successful for Polish volleyball players. Nikola Grbic’s team finally triumphed in the Nations League, and now they have a great chance to win gold in the European Championship. All they had left was to defeat the Italians. So far, the White and Reds have not even managed to reach the final of the Old Continent championship. In the past, four times in a row, the Slovenian national team blocked the way for Poles to fight for the highest goals at this championship. We lost to this rival in the European Championships in 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021. This year, Nikola Grbic managed to break this terrible streak and eliminate them in the semi-finals.

For the first time under 14 years of age, Poles will play for gold in the European Championships

Thanks to this victory, for the first time since 2009, Poles have a chance to win the title of the best team in Europe. Argentinian Daniel Castellani is the only coach who managed to achieve this. The trainer talked to TVP Sport about that tournament. – It’s an amazing memory. It was one of the best moments of my career, he replied.

– Magic happened in Turkey then, as both the players and the coaching staff will confirm. We presented great volleyball with young, hungry players. I only have good memories from this tournament, he added.

Daniel Castellani revealed who he supports

Poland faces a difficult challenge because it will face the host of this tournament – Italy. When asked who is the favorite in this match, Castellani gave an evasive answer. – The two teams that have performed the best in recent months are playing in the final. They have young players and incredible potential. These teams currently dominate volleyball, he said.

– I don’t know who is the favorite, but I can say that my heart is with you. I have worked in your country for many years, I have many friends there. I hope that the Polish national team will win this match – he concluded.

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