This formula changed the labor market. Employees enumerate its advantages

This formula changed the labor market.  Employees enumerate its advantages

Flexible scheduling is a key element in most job postings. For many people, it is as important as a full-time job and an attractive salary. The choice of working hours allows you to reconcile private or family life with professional life. Employers are also noticing the benefits. For companies, it has become a bargaining chip in recruiting employees. Employees enumerate its advantages in an interview with

Anna is a software tester in a large Warsaw-based IT corporation. Its task is to report bugs in the software that programmers have created. Her husband, Tomasz, also works in the same company. He is a UI Designer. He designs the user interface, is responsible for preparing such elements as the visible structure of the website, menu, content layout and graphic design. They both work in the formula – two days at the office, three days from home.

Working time. The new formula allows you to reconcile home and professional duties

A great convenience for them is the flexible working time, which they willingly use. Every Monday and Tuesday when Anna starts work at 6., her husband takes care of the house and children. These days, Tomasz works the second shift, he starts working online at 15. after his wife’s return home.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, he goes to work for the morning shift, and Anna takes over all the duties at home. After his return, Tomasz starts the second shift, doing his tasks online. – We proposed such a solution in the company ourselves and there were no problems with it. The employer helped us, and thanks to that we can reconcile family life with work Anna points out.

Flexible working time is a permanent element in employers’ advertisements

Flexible schedules appear more and more often in job offers. According to experts, it is a key word that attracts employees to the company or discourages them if the employer does not mention it in the advertisement. — The formula of any working time has become so popular because it makes it easier for employees to reconcile professional and private life, gives a sense of freedom and greater agency in managing their time both before work and during the performance of business duties or after work. – says Justyna Sławik, talent acquisition and development manager, head of EDI&B at Randstad.

Other employees speak in a similar vein, as companies allow them to start and finish work at the times they choose. Some start work at dawn, others prefer the second shift. Thanks to this, they can reconcile additional activities related to both training and other personal matters with professional duties. “Flexible working time gives us the opportunity to organize our time in terms of the necessary needs” they say in unison.

Flexible working time. It is a “must have” for many employees

Flexible working time plus remote work is a “must have” requirement for me – says Karolina Marzantowicz, chief of growth, board member at A4BEE. Thanks to this, I have time for a quiet coffee during the day and I am not stressed by traffic jams during the week. As she admits, this work formula allows her to reconcile home duties and pleasures, take care of her health and run two start-ups, which would otherwise be an impossible mission for a mother raising and supporting three children on her own he adds.

I have the opportunity to start work after having a family breakfast and taking the children to school. In addition, participation in school plays and other important events for children – is not a problem. What I can’t do during the day, I can finish in the evening. This helps me maintain a balance between what is important to me professionally and privately he says.

What is most important, however, is full understanding and application of similar principles at work by the closest partners and employees. Thanks to the fact that it is part of the culture in my company, I am not stressed when my availability at work changes due to private events. It allows me to do something else – the opportunity to develop new skills and passions, and gives me a sense of accomplishment – points out Karolina Marzantowicz from A4BEE.

The choice of working hours is a great benefit

– Flexible working time is one of the most appreciated benefits. It is a privilege that I take advantage of quite often and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity – she says Weronika Jackiewicz, compensations & benefits lead. – As a mother of a preschooler, I often have to maneuver between my professional life and the activities of a 6-year-old – a kindergarten open until 16, occasional performances – usually at 13, morning swimming or afternoon training. Flexible working time allows me to reconcile all these activities, fully participate in the child’s life and at the same time be a full-time, effective employee he adds.

Feliks Piątek, a digital lab engineer, also sees the advantages of working from the time he chooses. – From my perspective, the flexibility of working time is one of the most important benefits offered by the company – he says in an interview with — For me, this was the main reason why I decided to continue working right after the holidays. This enabled me to attend university, I could study and work at the same time without any obstacles. I didn’t have to face the dilemma of choosing a job at the expense of dropping out of college, or vice versa he adds.

The new formula has many advantages. You can reconcile study with work

Ewa Weremko, a content writer and researcher, also combined learning with performing professional duties. – Last academic year, I combined full-time studies at the University of Warsaw with work in the company. Thanks to the flexible working time, I was able to develop professionally, despite the fact that classes at university took me a lot of time. This is a great benefit that made it easier not only for me to match my working hours to my classes – claims.

In her opinion, flexible working hours in practice contribute to more effective performance of duties by adjusting the time scales to one’s own productivity and capabilities. – This is especially important in work that requires creativity and a certain freshness, for which favorable conditions are needed he points out.

Flexible working time. “I have time for fitness”

In turn, Piotr Buchart, delivery executive, argues that flexible working time is not only a way to better balance professional and private life, but also an opportunity to develop one’s passions, such as fitness training. Every day, instead of rushing to the office, I can start the day with a morning coffee and a training session.

Fitness is a really great example where such flexibility can bring huge benefits. In the morning, when the clubs are least crowded, you have the opportunity to use the full range of equipment without waiting in line. You can concentrate on your training, getting the maximum benefit from it, without worrying about being watched from the sidelines says Peter.

In his opinion, such training in the morning is not only a matter of well-being and physical condition, especially when you have a sedentary job. – It is also a way to de-stress and recharge your batteries for the upcoming work day. When you sit down at your desk, you do so with energy and a focused mind he adds.

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