Artificial intelligence in the police service. It will help detect evidence of crimes

Artificial intelligence in the police service.  It will help detect evidence of crimes

One of the police departments in the United States decided to use the capabilities of artificial intelligence to analyze recordings from police cameras.

Artificial intelligence is finding more and more professional applications in various areas of life. Advanced AI models are no longer just a scientific curiosity used to generate images for memes on the Internet, but are useful in many specialized tasks.

In the very near future, the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence will be used by the police of the future, who, like in science fiction films, will use advanced technology to analyze video recordings, and soon, perhaps also to analyze the images recorded by cameras in real time. The information for all skeptics is that this is already happening before our eyes, as one of the police departments in the United States has recently started using the benefits of artificial intelligence.

The police use artificial intelligence

The Paterson Police Department in New Jersey has found that its brainpower is having increasing difficulty analyzing video footage captured by cameras mounted on police uniforms. There is so much material that it turns out to be an impossible task to thoroughly analyze it by police employees, even if entire teams of people were employed to do it.

According to data from Axon, a manufacturer of image recorders used by American police officers, the total database provided by local officers since the implementation of this solution is over 100 petabytes. Due to this problem, the New Jersey police decided to establish cooperation with the American startup Truleo, which will now provide its solutions using artificial intelligence for the recordings recorded by officers.

Artificial intelligence will detect evidence of crimes

From now on, uniformed officers from the previously mentioned department will be supported by artificial intelligence, which, based on machine analysis of sound and image from police recordings, will detect, among others: serious crimes, such as the use of force or weapons, as well as minor offenses, such as the quite common use of profanity or disturbing order.

Moreover, in the face of the growing problem of lack of people willing to work in the police, more and more police departments in the United States intend to use this type of solutions. The Polish police is also struggling with increasing staff shortages, so we should not be surprised if in the more or less distant future they also use artificial intelligence.

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