Minister Buda about the Polish astronaut. Uznański will fly into space – there is no “plan B”

Minister Buda about the Polish astronaut.  Uznański will fly into space – there is no "plan B"

Minister Waldemar Buda reminded that Polish astronaut Sławosz Uznański will most likely fly into space in August 2024. The only Pole presented to ESA is “our best man,” the politician assured.

Waldemar Buda, Minister of Development and Technology, recently visited Łódź, where during a scientific event he emphasized that Poland would send its astronaut into space. By definition, it must be Sławosz Uznański. As the politician reminded us – we do not have a “plan B”.

Minister Buda about Sławosz Uznański – a Polish astronaut will fly into space

Waldemar Buda participates in the weekend space picnic organized in the Łódź Special Economic Zone. It was there that he was asked about Uznański’s upcoming mission.

– In November, ESA will officially decide on the mission of the second Polish astronaut, Sławosz Uznański, who can fly into space as early as August 2024. We don’t have a “plan B”. We presented Sławosz as our candidate, he is our best man who can fly into space – emphasized the politician.

The Minister of Ministry of Energy and Technology also reminded that with the final decision of the European Space Agency expected in the coming month, the mission schedule indicates departure around August 2024.

Sławosz Uznański, also present at the event, said that the exact departure date was a “discussion with international partners.” When asked about his perspective, he admitted that he was looking forward to it, but also felt great respect for the rocket that would most likely take him into space.

Sławosz Uznański exercises before leaving for the ISS

As we know, the Polish astronaut has already started meticulous preparations for the flight. Rigorous training has been going on since the beginning of September. Uznański is preparing at the ESA base in Cologne, Germany. The training is designed to be demanding for both the mind and body.

As the Polish engineer and astronaut says, the most awaited part of the training is training on the appropriate equipment that he will use during the mission. – I can’t wait for the practical part, to actually use these systems that are on the space station, in the Dragon capsule, or how to pilot a rocket, or perhaps a plane – he says, he is excited.

Uznański was also asked what he would like to take with him on a mission to the ISS. He revealed that each astronaut can take one meal with him, although it must undergo many tests in space agencies’ laboratories. Apparently, Poles are considering bigos or… pierogi.

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