There is a new photo of the Earth straight from space. The view is breathtaking

There is a new photo of the Earth straight from space.  The view is breathtaking

Intuitive Machines, which launched a lander towards the Moon a few days ago, showed the world one of the most beautiful photos of the planet Earth we have ever seen.

In the past, we have had the opportunity to admire the Earth in many different photos, but this latest one is one of the most beautiful we have seen so far. Our planet is visible in all its glory, with the sandy surface of Australia in the foreground.

A photo of the Earth straight from a flight to the Moon

The photo comes from the Nova-C lander, which was launched last Thursday towards the Moon, where it is scheduled to land on February 22. Such a photograph is tangible proof that the lander did not suffer any unexpected failure and is on track to land on the lunar surface in a few days.

The Nova-C lander, which was named Odysseus, was designed and built by the private company Intuitive Machines based in Houston, which is taking part in the Artemis mission, the first such undertaking by the United States in over 50 years (the famous mission Apollo).Odysseus was launched into orbit by another American company outside NASA – SpaceX, which used its own Falcon 9 rocket for this purpose.

During the flight lasting approximately one week, the Nova-C lander will cover 370,000 meters. kilometers to land near the Moon's south pole in a few days. Then research will begin on its surface, which will last 14 Earth days, i.e. one lunar day.

In addition to delivering data and images from the Moon to Earth, Odysseus will also test, among others: an artificial intelligence-based navigation system to help avoid obstacles on unexplored surfaces and find the right place to land.

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