They will wrap phones in aluminum foil. In the USA, there is panic before the GSM test

They will wrap phones in aluminum foil.  In the USA, there is panic before the GSM test

On October 4, there will be a test of the alarm system, which has stirred up conspiracy theorists. They expect a 5G attack or chip activation by FEMA. What will really happen?

Fans of conspiracy theories from the USA are on full alert and preparing for October 4, 2023. In their opinion, the world may even end on Wednesday, and if not, the government will activate a secret signal that will probably activate the chips vaccinated in the population. All thanks to… a routine infrastructure test.

Alarm system test in the USA on October 4

On Monday, information about the test organized by FEMA began to appear in the American media. According to NBC journalists, the aim is to check the operation of the EAS alarm system, which operates on American televisions and radios. At the same time, the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system on mobile phones will also be checked.

As announced, the test lasting approximately 30 minutes applies to all equipment in the country. It is scheduled to start on October 4, at 2:20 p.m. Eastern time (8:20 p.m. in Poland). During the procedure, telephone calls may include, among others: receive emergency SMS messages, similarly to the Polish RCB system. However, it caused quite a bit of hysteria.

Internet users panic before October 4 – conspiracy theories about FEMA appeared

The news shared on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter is full of conspiracy theories. It is not entirely clear what exactly the concerned are afraid of. Some talk about the end of the world, others about the 5G attack, activating vaccines, causing mass fires and so on. One of the main criticisms seems to be the fact that you cannot unsubscribe from the test (because it is a key alarm system).

Popular on the Internet is, among others: video by user October Reignz, who explains why wrapping the phone in foil would work. However, this man also runs a YouTube channel with conspiracy theories, somewhat detached from reality, where we can listen to, among others: about Hillary Clinton lookalikes or “alien frequencies.”

However, there is also no shortage of users laughing at the trend and even encouraging others. Some people suggest, for example, wrapping the phone in foil and heating it in a microwave for safety. This maneuver will, of course, damage the device and may additionally pose a fire hazard.

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