Arłukowicz diagnosed PiS politicians. “They had swollen veins and madness in their eyes.”

Arłukowicz diagnosed PiS politicians.  “They had swollen veins and madness in their eyes.”

Bartosz Arłukowicz returns to national politics – he replaced the European Parliament with the Sejm. On Polsat News, the politician shared his impressions from the first meeting of the lower house.

The atmosphere during the first session of the Sejm was exceptionally hot. Cries of “constitution” and “you will sit”, raised voices, unannounced speeches and offensive comments towards political opponents. This is how the discussion on the election of members to the National Council of the Judiciary in the Sejm looked like.

Arłukowicz on the “madness of PiS politicians”

Bartosz Arłukowicz shared his impressions from the Sejm proceedings on Polsat News. In recent years, the politician was a member of the European Parliament. – I saw very closely and heard the ministers performing, Ziobro and Wójcik, I think. They seemed to have gone crazy, they had madness in their eyes, red faces, swollen veins. They probably realized then that they had lost the election only at this podium – said the KO politician.

– Civilization returns to the Sejm. Donald Tusk’s government will answer questions, will not enter the Sejm rostrum “without any procedure”, will not reprimand the Marshal or reconsider the vote without a reason – added the MP.

The KO politician mocks Marcin Mastalerek

The parliamentarian also mocked Marcin Mastalerek. – I sat next to him in the Sejm. He clapped extremely loudly during Andrzej Duda’s speech. I was afraid he would break his metacarpal bones, he joked. In this way, the KO politician commented on the words of the president’s associate that Donald Tusk used Szymon Hołownia politically.

The MP also commented on the results of voting for members of the Sejm Presidium. Law and Justice will not have its representative because Elżbieta Witek’s candidacy was lost in the vote.

According to Bartosz Arłukowicz, Elżbieta Witek is not suitable to serve as deputy marshal. – I raised my hand against this proposal because I think she should rest, and secondly, she is not suitable for performing this function – explained the MP from the Civic Coalition.

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