Non-partisan local government officials appealed to the court. “The name was stolen from us”

Non-partisan local government officials appealed to the court.  "The name was stolen from us"

Non-Party Local Government Officials deny reports of a coalition with the Confederation. Krzysztof Maj informed that an application to secure the name of his group had been submitted to the court.

“Non-party local government officials are not going to the local elections with the Confederation,” Krzysztof Maj said in a post published on Facebook. The politician’s declaration is a response to Krzysztof Bosak’s assurances that the parties will run together in the local government elections.

Non-partisan local government officials react

A representative of the Non-Party Local Government Workers said that the federation’s management board did not sign a coalition agreement with the Confederation, and therefore no agreement was reached at the national level. He also announced that politicians from his party will run in the spring elections with the KWW Association “Bezpartyjni Samorządowcy”.

“The name was stolen from us and we will defend ourselves in court,” he announced. During Monday’s press conference, he admitted that the justice system had already submitted a request to secure it until the decision was made. He emphasized, however, that due to the local activity of representatives of Non-Party Local Government Workers, he hoped that voters would cast their votes for specific candidates known to them by name and surname.

Reports on the joint committee

– You will recognize them by their deeds. The Confederation says that the law must be repaired and a constitutional reset must be made. Big platitudes. Mr Witold, MP. You hide behind immunity and do such things… Non-partisan local government officials will run in the elections themselves. It’s not worth stealing the name – he added in a recording published on X (formerly Twitter).

The situation was also commented on the group’s official profile. “The Non-Party Local Government People have no alliance with the Confederation. Neither the party board, nor the association board, nor the federation board signed any coalition agreement with the Confederation (…) We will pursue our rights through legal means,” it was stated.

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