Rafał Zaorski surprised investors with this entry. “He smelled a real estate bubble?”

Rafał Zaorski surprised investors with this entry.  “He smelled a real estate bubble?”

Can one entry on the Internet cause a lot of confusion among people investing their money in real estate? This happened after the declaration of a well-known speculator who decided to sell a luxury apartment to allocate the entire amount to artificial intelligence. Did Zaorski sense a bubble in the real estate market? – Internet users wonder.

This news electrified not only many investors. It is also widely commented on by Internet users on social media. This is about the enigmatic entry by Rafał Zaorski, which he posted on the weekend on X, formerly Twitter. Zaorski, called the king of speculators, announced the sale of his apartment in the center of Warsaw. He expects a huge amount for a luxurious studio apartment, as he calls it himself.

Real estate market. Rafał Zaorski’s entry surprised investors

“I am selling #504 for PLN 50 million+. I’m looking through the queue of interested people, because castings in real estate are fashionable lately,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter). If we divide the amount of at least PLN 50 million by 480 sq m, the apartment area, we have another record for transactions on the real estate market. This amount is over PLN 104,000. PLN per square meter, as we reported on Sunday in Wprost.pl. According to experts, such prices have never been seen in the real estate industry, especially in housing. “The amount Rafał Zaorski expects is more than twice as high as the amount for which he purchased the apartment” – they point out.

However, this is not the end of unexpected declarations from the popular speculator, whose entries on the X platform are followed by over two hundred thousand people. Later in the entry, Rafał Zaorski indicated what he intended to spend the funds obtained from the sale of real estate. It plans to allocate the entire amount to investments in artificial intelligence. He is counting on a repeat of the memorable Internet bubble of 1999/2000.

Investors do not hide their surprise. Some people do not believe it, others listen to the speculator’s opinion

Many people are asking about the details of this planned transaction. Some Internet users have a different opinion on this subject. They wonder whether the speculator has not lost his money on his last investments and now he urgently needs capital for a new opening. While some do not believe Rafał Zaorski’s assurances, others are ready to invest their savings and follow the advice of a well-known speculator who has shown several times that by going against the grain and contrary to the forecasts of famous economists, you can earn millions of zlotys.

Each time, Zaorski publicly reported his actions on the financial markets. That’s how it is now. “All in on AI, what papers?” “So you are now buying long any AI companies?”, “What specific companies from the AI ​​sector? Because most of them have nothing to do with it except the name”, “Are you going to brag about exactly what AI companies?” – we read subsequent entries from Internet users on online forums.

Real estate market. They are already willing to buy the most expensive apartment in Poland

To the surprise of many people, the first people willing to buy a luxurious apartment in the skyscraper called Libeskind’s Sail appeared. Some people expect a specific date for the meeting, others state the amount they would be willing to pay for the property. However, most of the comments online focus on a different issue.

“The most important question is what Rafał Zaorski already knows and what we don’t know yet,” says one of the experts. Investors who invested their surplus money in purchasing real estate speak in a similar tone. In their opinion, no sensible person sells an apartment when real estate prices in the largest Polish cities are soaring, as is the case now.

Internet users are interested in one thing. “Is the peak of the real estate bubble near?”

Similar entries appeared both under the king of speculation’s entry and in numerous groups on the Internet. “How to recognize the peak of a bubble? They sell apartments to invest.” – writes the first Internet user. “It’s a brilliant move, I feel exactly the same way. I’m waiting for the market to confirm what only a few people already see. – adds the second one. “Did he sense a bubble in the real estate market?” “Do you think that the peak of real estate banking in Poland is almost here?” – more people ask.

The most common opinion is that Zaorski sensed a bubble in the real estate market, which is why he is selling the apartment. Some people ask about it, while others put forward such a thesis directly. “Such information is invaluable in this industry” – says Mr. Jacek, who has been buying real estate for years, only to sell it for a large profit after some time. At first, he did not want to say whether, and if so, what decision he made regarding his real estate, after the controversial speculator’s entry on the Internet. “The answer is on the internet” – he added during the next conversation. “I put all the apartments I own up for sale. Time will tell who was right.” – he said.

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