Zbigniew Ziobro writes about the election results. “Das Ende”

Zbigniew Ziobro writes about the election results.  "Das Ende"

Zbigniew Ziobro commented on the results of the local elections. On this occasion, he attacked Donald Tusk's government. He addressed the Prime Minister in German.

Due to his illness, the leader of Sovereign Poland was excluded from political life for several months. However, since he appeared in the media in connection with the searches of his house by the Internal Security Agency, he returned to commenting on what was happening in the Polish parliament and outside it. Zbigniew Ziobro assessed the results of the local government elections. The former Minister of Justice and Attorney General decided to attack Donald Tusk.

In his opinion, the local elections showed that “false promises” Prime Minister, fewer and fewer Poles “are being fooled”. Ziobro pointed out that after eight years, when the winning coalition took power, it made promises “pogrom” Law and Justice, but there is – as he claims – fear of the coming collapse.

“The end is near, Mr. Prime Minister. It's over”

“Poland was supposed to be smiling, but Poland is angry with the increase in fuel, food and energy prices. It was supposed to be law-abiding, but there is violence, violations of the constitution and bald necks with crowbars. There was supposed to be freedom, but now farmers are being beaten. Das Ende naht, Herr Ministerpräsident. Das Ende (The end is near, Mr. Prime Minister. It's the end – ed.) – wrote Zbigniew Ziobro.

The head of the Polish government, referring to the results of the local government elections, pointed out that in the hundred largest cities in Poland, PiS lost the first round. “In every single one of them. Only sixteen of them entered the second round. In the assemblies – eleven to five for the Coalition. I know, it can always be better” – Donald Tusk.

The exit poll conducted by Ipsos for Telewizja Polsat, TVN and TVP shows that PiS won the local assembly elections with a result of 33.7%. while KO obtained 31.9 percent. support. Jarosław Kaczyński's party clearly dominates in the eastern part of the country: it won the elections to the provincial assemblies, among others. in Podlasie, Podkarpacie and the Lublin region.

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