“Parliamentary indiscretions”. “Lasek gives us a month. CPK will have to be built anyway”

"Parliamentary indiscretions".  “Lasek gives us a month.  CPK will have to be built anyway"

Why does the Central Communication Port arouse great emotions in society? Did PiS mess with the implementation of this investment? Why is the new government skeptical about the construction of the CPK? Who can gain and who can lose from this investment? We talk about this and other matters in the podcast “Parliamentary indiscretions to listen” with Marcin Horała, PiS MP and former plenipotentiary for the construction of the CPK.

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The Central Communication Port was to connect the airport, high-speed rail network, and was supposed to be a hub for Central Europe. But so far, not much is happening at the site of the future airport. Could this project have been implemented faster? Did PiS simply mess with implementation? Marcin Horała, PiS MP and former representative for CPK, does not agree with the thesis that the investment was in its infancy during his time.

– It would be difficult to speed up the work. For example, the environmental decision was obtained after a procedure that lasted a little over a year. For simpler investments, e.g. building a piece of a highway, this procedure sometimes takes two or three years. We were very close to the minimum deadlines resulting from specific investor obligations – emphasizes Horała.

The former representative for CPK points out that that, contrary to rumors, there were no problems with the purchase of plots for the investment.

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