Domański about the 0% loan: It is not in the coalition agreement, but we do not withdraw from any promise

Domański about the 0% loan: It is not in the coalition agreement, but we do not withdraw from any promise

Will credit holidays be extended even if a coalition led by Donald Tusk takes over? There is such a chance, but under new rules.

What next with credit holidays? PO MP Andrzej Domański, who is a candidate for the position of Minister of Finance, presented his opinion on this matter.

Credit holidays under new conditions

– Not in the same form as before. Market conditions are changing. Interest rates are slowly being lowered. We know that a significant part of the loan holidays was spent on overpaying loans. We have solutions that will help people who actually have problems with repaying loans – he said on Radio Zet.

– We do not rule out that some form of loan holidays will be maintained next year, but in my opinion it should be addressed to people who actually need such help. This, of course, will be the decision of the new government – he added – I think the right criterion is the percentage of income allocated to repayment of the loan – he concluded.

The outgoing head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, commented on the words of the potential minister of finance.

“The parliamentary majority will limit the loan holiday program presented by the government. It is only a matter of time when they will do the same with 800+ and the 13th and 14th pension. Instead of social programs, there will be a rotation program on stools and podcasts from the Marshal,” he wrote on the X website.

Credit 0 percent but it won’t be?

In recent days, there has also been a lot of talk about the second high-profile project announced in 100 details of the Civic Coalition. There is more and more talk about the fact that the response to the 2% Safe Credit, i.e. the 0% loan project. may disappear.

– We have presented a broad program to support housing construction in Poland, aimed primarily at supporting supply so that more apartments can be built. This means freeing land from State Treasury companies, supporting construction carried out by local governments and huge amounts of money for the renovation of vacant buildings – said the KO MP.

– This solution is not included in the coalition agreement, but we are not backing down from any of our promises. We will talk with our partners in the coalition about introducing this solution, perhaps in a modified formula, he added.

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