PIT lottery. Four days to try your luck in Warsaw

PIT lottery.  Four days to try your luck in Warsaw

Pay taxes where you live – encourages more and more local governments, and to make the proposal more attractive, the calls are accompanied by lotteries. Taxpayers from Warsaw can still join the game with one click.

Cities encourage their residents to settle taxes where they live. This is obvious to some, but many “visitors” spend years settling their taxes in the town they come from. Some people do not want to make a declaration about changing the office responsible for settlements, others are guided by local patriotism and want to support the communes where they lived as children. Whatever the reasons, this means a huge budget hit for the cities they currently live in.

Tax lotteries. In Warsaw it lasts until the end of May

Nobody can be forced to pay taxes in the city where they live, so local governments rely on incentives. A few years ago, cities began organizing lotteries in which tax payers can participate (registration is usually not required). Later, smaller towns also took up competitions promoting settlements.

Some lotteries have already been decided, others are still waiting for information about their winnings. In the Wasilków commune (a popular “bedroom” of Białystok) there were a total of 50 prizes to be won, including bicycles, smartphones and smartwatches. TVP Białystok lottery was not only a gift for the residents, but also brought additional revenues to the commune budget, because 38 percent PIT income tax goes to the commune's treasury provided that the taxpayer indicates it as the place of residence in the settlement declaration. This year, this amount amounted to PLN 34 million.

The ball is still in play in Warsaw. You can apply until the end of May. You can win an electric car, 5 electric bikes or top-up 50 city cards.

All information can be found on the website placpitwwarszawie.pl. The prize draw will take place on June 12.

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