Customers rushed to book May 2024. Trips are cheaper than last year

Customers rushed to book May 2024. Trips are cheaper than last year

Almost as many tourists have booked their holidays for the May weekend in travel agencies as last year. And there are still almost two months until the first departures. Interestingly, trips on this date are cheaper than in 2023, but many tourists will fly from German airports for the May long weekend. statistics show that at the beginning of March 2024, compared to the beginning of March last year, there are twice as many reservations for the May weekend. Already, approximately as many offers have been sold as the number of tourists who went for last year's long weekend.

Where will tourists travel this year and at what price?

May 2024 trips are cheaper than last year

Tourists spend slightly less money on May Day than last year – on average, it is just over PLN 3,000 per person. As last year, the most popular choice is Turkey, followed by Greece (approx. PLN 2,900 per person).

The most popular destinations are PLN 100-200 cheaper than a year ago, although in the top ten we have some spectacular, even almost 20% reductions in the cost of May holidays: the Canary Islands are cheaper by an average of PLN 900, and Egypt by about PLN 340 per person . However, it went up by 20-25%. May holiday in Cyprus and Italy (by approx. PLN 550) and by almost 30%. in Poland (by approx. PLN 240)

Lesson learned after May 2023

– The huge demand is not surprising because the calendar layout is identically favorable, and travel agency clients remember last year's last minute purchases of offers, when they became more expensive – and disappeared – before their eyes – says Radosław Damasiewicz, president of

Turkey in the most desired option by tourists, the 5* AI hotel with a departure from Poland, was almost sold out in mid-April 2023, and in addition, the cheapest offers with flights started from approximately PLN 2,800 per person. Holiday offers with flights from Poland in 4* hotels in Spain, the Canary Islands, Cyprus or Turkey with half-board meals did not differ in price from all-inclusive offers. This meant that the former were simply priced too high and did not sell. However, Tunisia was sold out completely.

Departures from Germany are becoming more and more popular

For this year's May long weekend, nearly 15 percent. events were planned to depart from Germany, and only slightly more, 20 percent. from airports in western Poland (Szczecin, Poznań, Zielona Góra, Wrocław). From approximately 1/3 to 28 percent. the percentage of departures from Warsaw, Modlin and Radom also decreased. It should be emphasized that departures from Germany are offered by Polish tour operators, and foreign ones – also from Poland.

This year, for a short 5-day break (flight from Poland, 4 nights in a 4* hotel) in Bulgaria (AI), Malta or Spain (HB) you have to pay a minimum of approximately PLN 1,500 per person.

If we decide to fly from German airports, we will only fly to the Turkish Riviera (4* AI hotel) for this money. For such a shortened holiday, but in the 5* standard in Turkey, you have to pay a minimum of PLN 1,550. But similar offers departing from Poland start from PLN 2,000, but are one day longer.

A “classic” seven-day holiday with a flight from Germany to a 4* hotel in Turkey (AI) costs a minimum of PLN 1,550. With a departure from Poland, such a May holiday is at least PLN 600 more expensive. In a 5* hotel, they start from PLN 1,750 and PLN 2,350, respectively.

In Egypt, a stay with a flight from Germany and Poland in a 5* AI hotel costs from PLN 2,250 and 2,850, respectively. In the case of Greece, the differences are smaller – PLN 2,850 and PLN 3,150, respectively. The May weekend in this configuration will cost similarly in Cyprus (from PLN 4,100), if your home is closer to a German airport than to Katowice or Krakow, or you want to save about PLN 500 per person and not fly out of Warsaw, Wrocław or Poznań. However, flights to the Canary Islands to top-shelf hotels for a week with AI meals are clearly cheaper from Poland than from Germany – from PLN 4,600 and from PLN 4,900, respectively.

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