Shark attack on a popular beach. A tourist is fighting for her life in the hospital

Shark attack on a popular beach.  A tourist is fighting for her life in the hospital

Shark attacks are one of the dangers lurking for tourists resting in popular resorts. One of the women was viciously attacked on a famous beach in New York. Bites are extremely serious.

You hear about sharks attacking tourists quite often. During the holiday season, we are exposed to them, among others. in the United States, Cyprus, Egypt and the Bahamas. Recently, a special report appeared in the media, which shows where bites occur most often. It turns out that there are a lot of such places.

The last accident took place on New York’s Rockway Beach. There, on August 7, a shark attacked a 50-year-old woman who was hospitalized in a tragic condition. Unfortunately, her situation is life threatening.

A shark bit a 50-year-old woman. A woman is fighting for her life

The incident took place on Rockway Beach in New York. It is quite a popular place that is often visited by both locals and tourists. If you thought this state was free of fish predators, you were wrong. Sharks on the beaches there have already attacked many times.

The attacked 50-year-old swam carelessly in New York waters. The bite occurred suddenly, after which rescuers were called to help. Although support arrived quickly, the woman was in a critical condition. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center at the last minute.

After the dangerous situation, the scene was secured and bathing at Rockway was stopped. Local authorities closed the beach to both swimmers and surfers.

Sharks attack very unexpectedly. They like to appear in flocks

Colliding with a pack of sharks sounds like a horror movie, but such situations happen often in the world. Recently, a tragedy in Cyprus was miraculously avoided. There, a group of menacing fish surrounded tourists bathing off the coast of Cala Llombards. Had it not been for the boats that brought people on board in time, it would have ended in disaster.

When we are in areas that may be visited by sharks, it is always worth staying in larger groups and being extremely vigilant. It is not indicated, for example, too far from the shore or near shoals of fish. Such behavior can only attract predators to us.

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