Record spending by Poles on holidays. Even several thousand zlotys for a holiday

Record spending by Poles on holidays.  Even several thousand zlotys for a holiday

Polish tourists will go on vacation this year even several times. One trip for the whole family will cost them almost 15 thousand złoty.

Poles do not save on holidays. According to the booking portal, tourists from the Vistula River are increasingly choosing quality, even if it means spending a little more. This year, a family with two children will spend up to several thousand zlotys on a holiday with a travel agency. However, this does not prevent Poles from going on holiday even several times a year.

Holidays for 15 thousand zlotys

Although Poles are increasingly choosing to go on holiday on their own, a large proportion of domestic tourists still prefer organised holidays with a travel agency. According to data collected by the booking portal, travellers from Poland do not skimp on holiday packages. For a stay in Turkey, which has once again turned out to be the most popular holiday destination, parents with two children will pay up to PLN 13,000. Greece will be even more expensive, where a family of four will spend around PLN 14,500 on a similar offer. Despite the fact that the prices of foreign trips with tour operators have fallen by a dozen or so percent this year, Poles are increasingly choosing quality over an attractive price – a better hotel, a larger room with a nicer view or closer proximity to the beach.

Poles vacation even several times a year

A large part of Polish tourists do not intend to stop at vacationing once a year. “More than half of Poles aged 20-65 who are planning a foreign tourist trip for at least 7 days and/or a city break in 2024 will travel abroad at least once, although there are also those who will go twice or more” – results from the content of the analysis. Up to 33 percent of surveyed Poles declare that they will go on holiday abroad twice this year, and 10 percent will leave Poland three times. Among the destinations, apart from the above-mentioned Turkey and Greece, Egypt, Tunisia and Spain dominate. Bulgaria is also high, but in recent years Polish travelers have apparently become bored with it.

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