The popular swimming area will be closed. Tourists will not use it in summer

The popular swimming area will be closed.  Tourists will not use it in summer

The opening of the swimming season is getting closer, but not all of them will be available. The place everyone was waiting for has been closed in Krakow. You have to forget about it for years.

The unpleasant news was announced via Facebook. It turns out that the well-known Krakow swimming pool Przystań Brzegi will not be able to operate. Tourists and residents will not use it for the next few seasons. “We admit that we have been delaying writing this post, but we are receiving so many inquiries from you about the planned opening date that we cannot postpone it forever,” they wrote on social media. Internet users received two important messages.

The swimming pool in Krakow will be closed

The Przystań Brzegi swimming pool in Krakow is a large sports complex located at Trakt Papieski. For years, tourists could use the large sandy beach and water reservoir there. There were also attractions such as pedal boats and kayaks. Today we will have to forget about this facility. At least for a while.

“The Company's Management Board decided to temporarily suspend the operation of the Marina, probably for about 2-3 seasons. Starting from this season,” it was written on the “Przystań Brzegi” Facebook page. “The marina will be closed in both free and literal translations. This means that you will not be able to enter the center through the gate or by jumping over the fence. Therefore, at this point, we would like to ask you to stop trying to get inside by force.” – added.

Brzegi Marina closed. There is an important reason

It turned out that there is also good news and closing the swimming pool does not mean its end forever. Internet users were informed that changes for the better are coming, but these will take some time. “It will be really nice, but we have to start slowly implementing our plans. Unfortunately, this may take time,” it was written on Facebook.

How should it be there? “We will change. We have told you more than once that the current Przystań is only a stage, not a final product. After all, that was the plan from the very beginning. However, on the way to this final effect, we encountered various difficulties, from formal to legal to financial. Our quest for a “better version of ourselves” has taken nearly 7 years, but we have it. It will be beautiful. We will cut down all trees within a 10 km radius,” it was reported.

The rest of the statement did not hide its regret that now it would have to look for other alternatives and say goodbye to the place it liked. “We are sorry too. Sorry and sad. Everything changes and we must too. We must and we want, also for your sake. So keep your fingers crossed for us. Don't forget about us. We will come back, more beautiful and better organized.” – commented.

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