Dantesque scenes on a Ryanair plane. Tourists turned the flight into hell

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The Ryanair plane was in the air for exactly 36 minutes. Passengers will certainly remember this flight for a long time.

The Ryanair flight was flying from Agadir in Morocco to London Stansted Airport in the UK. During the flight, unexpected events occurred. About half an hour after the plane took off, one of the passengers, a man in his 30s, asked another tourist to switch seats.

It all started with a request. Tourist raises hell on board Ryanair

The passenger explained that he wanted to spend the flight with his wife and children. The woman did not agree to this solution. She explained that she did not want to leave her daughter, who was sitting next to her. The refusal clearly upset the 30-year-old. The man commented on the passenger’s behavior in unsophisticated words. After a series of insults and vulgarities, the woman’s husband took action. At first, he told the passenger to calm down. When his appeals did not bring any results, he decided to stand up for his wife and attacked the 30-year-old with his fists. The men came to blows.

The whole situation was observed by other passengers. As it turned out, one of the families involved in the brawl was with a larger group, which meant that more people were involved in the conflict. The situation stressed one of the women to such an extent that she had panic attacks. “It was terrible, she was screaming, her children were crying. There was total chaos,” said one of the witnesses.

The ill-fated flight to London

Emotions on board the plane reached such a peak that at one point one of the hot-tempered tourists had to be given oxygen. When the airline staff were unable to control the situation, they asked the pilot to make an emergency landing. The plane landed in Marrakesh just 36 minutes after takeoff. The police immediately boarded the plane. The man who had been given oxygen suddenly regained his strength and started to argue again. Ultimately, the officers led nine people who had been involved in the argument off the plane.

The consequences of the incident, which began with a simple request to change seats, were borne by the other passengers. The tourists had to change their plans, because the emergency landing of the plane meant that they would have to stay in Morocco for another night and return to London only the next day.

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