A tourist on a snowmobile hit a tree. A helicopter was called for rescue

A tourist on a snowmobile hit a tree.  A helicopter was called for rescue

The dangerous driving ended in the ward of a hospital in Małopolska. The unconscious woman needed help from TOPR services.

The incident took place on January 2 on the scenic walking route of Bachledzki Wierch. A tourist who rented a scooter lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. The woman’s condition was so serious that it was decided to use a helicopter from the Tatra Volunteer Emergency Service. The injured person was transported to the hospital.

Snowmobile accident

“A woman on a scooter hit a tree. She was unconscious. She was given aid and transported by helicopter to the hospital. The police are determining the circumstances of the accident,” said Zakopane police spokesman Asp. in an interview with the Polish Press Agency. staff. Roman Wieczorek.

Help was called to the scene immediately. First, firefighters, ambulance and police reached the injured person and provided her with medical assistance on the spot. The woman’s condition was serious, and the location and conditions were too difficult to quickly transport her to hospital by land. It was decided to call a TOPR helicopter, which took her to the facility.

Third degree of avalanche danger

Bachledzki Wierch, the place where the injured tourist practiced snowmobiling, is a route located on a small hill, among meadows and Tatra peaks located in the distance. A simple trail is available to tourists directly from Zakopane. During your winter stay in the Tatra Mountains, even in such places, it is worth remembering to be careful. Extreme sports are not the only threats – they lurk even during a walk to Morskie Oko. This morning, on the official Facebook profile of TOPR, we could read that the avalanche danger level had been increased from second to third. “The conditions are largely unfavorable. Moving requires a lot of experience and skills, as well as a very high ability to assess the local avalanche risk. Steep slopes should be avoided,” we read.

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