A “devil’s circle” appeared in the Polish forest. He is mysterious and worries people

A "devil's circle" appeared in the Polish forest.  He is mysterious and worries people

A trip to the forest can be exciting. We will see this especially now if we come across a mysterious circle. It is made of mushrooms and resembles a place after a witches’ sabbath. The forest district explains what it is all about.

Photos of a strange phenomenon noticed in one of the Polish forests began to circulate in the media. The Krasiczyn Forest District noticed them and commented on the matter on its Facebook page. The authors of the post use terms such as: “devil’s circle”, “devil’s circle” and “witches’ circle”. It is created by fruiting mushrooms. Is it dangerous?

A strange circle in the forest. The place looks like it was after the Sabbath

This month, the themes of witches, ghosts and paranormal phenomena are particularly often used. All because of the upcoming Halloween, which is hard to forget. The circle recently photographed in a Polish forest fits perfectly into the dark atmosphere because it is associated with devils and sabbaths. It turns out that there are many legends about him.

The “Devil’s Circle” was spotted in a forest in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. It is created from fruiting mushrooms that grow in a characteristic circle. “It is created after the witches’ Sabbath. Entering the circle may result in loss of health!” – wrote representatives of the forest district. But it was all a joke, and the truth is not that dark.

In fact, the secret circle is created in a simple way. A single colony-initiating fungus is responsible for everything. It turns out that it sterilizes the substrate and spreads. The fewer obstacles it encounters, the greater the chance of creating a round shape.

There are many legends about the “devil of the district”. There is nothing to be afraid of?

Legends say that the so-called Devil’s circles were associated with mysterious and dark forces. They can be found in many forests, so people were careful with each other. “The creation of devil rings was attributed to supernatural forces, mushroom rings were surrounded by many myths and an aura of mystery. It was believed that they were created after nightly witches’ sabbaths, and entering the circle was supposed to be associated with severe consequences,” the foresters wrote.

In fact, the circle of mushrooms does not portend anything bad, although it still arouses many emotions to this day. Internet users who saw the photo on the Facebook page wrote: “I saw something like this in real life once, it looks amazing”, “Chad”, they also boasted about their photos of a similar phenomenon. How would you react to such a sight? One thing is certain, you can get closer and you don’t have to run away.

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