European Havana attracts tourists from all over the world. Flights from Poland for only PLN 400

European Havana attracts tourists from all over the world.  Flights from Poland for only PLN 400

The pearl of the Balkans, European Havana, Serbian Athens – these are just some of the descriptions of Novi Sad. This multicultural city, located in the north of Serbia, attracts more and more tourists every year. It is an ideal place for a city break, as well as for longer holidays. They are encouraged not only by the charm of this place, but also by cheap flights from Poland.

Serbian Novi Sad, although not as popular as Belgrade, is an ideal place for relaxation and sightseeing. It is an extraordinary cultural center with impressive architecture and a great location on the Danube. Novi Sad is a city with a charming atmosphere that is definitely worth visiting. Especially in autumn and winter to admire the palette of colors reflected in the Danube.

Milder climate and cheap flights

It should be remembered that the climate in Serbia is milder. In November, there are days with temperatures around 20 degrees. In December it is a few degrees above zero. Therefore, walking and sightseeing are very pleasant. Additionally, flights from Poland to Belgrade, if booked in advance, cost approximately PLN 400. Prices on site are also not excessive – in pubs and restaurants they are lower than in Warsaw, and a day in a 4-star hotel with breakfast costs about PLN 400 for two people. Private accommodation and apartments are much cheaper, with prices starting from PLN 180 per day.

Novi Sad is well connected to other important urban centers. There are two large stations here: a railway station and a bus station. Trains to Budapest, going through Subotica, and those going in the opposite direction – to Belgrade – often depart from here. There are also connections to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and nearby Serbian towns. Poles also often visit here during car trips to Montenegro or Greece.

A multicultural city with lots of restaurants

Novi Sad has a special climate, not only the meteorological one. It is also made up of numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs that are almost constantly bustling with life. Among the conversations of the locals, you can hear the foreign-language chatter of tourists. With a glass of local wine or a glass of rakija, you can listen to musicians while looking at the old town or eat delicacies of Serbian cuisine served in the restaurants in the fortress overlooking the Danube. It’s definitely romantic and nostalgic here.

The city was founded on the banks of the Danube River in the 17th century, literally as a fruit orchard of the great fortress of Petrovaradin, located on the opposite bank. Novi Sad officially gained its modern name with the status of a free royal city in 1748. Since then, despite adversity and past wars, it has been constantly developing. The period of greatest prosperity was in the 19th century. Then Serbian artists and philosophers began to arrive there, thanks to whom the city became a major cultural center. The city suffered during many wars, as well as NATO bombings in 1999, but walking around, an unaware layman will not see any damage and can spend a wonderful time here, admiring the multicultural atmosphere of the city and the beautiful old town full of cafes.

Serbian Athens

Novi Sad is currently the most important cultural center in Serbia. It is even called the Serbian Athens or Havana of Europe. In addition to the EXIT Festival, which brings together musicians from all over the world, a number of other events take place in Novi Sad, such as the Gry Dzieci Zmaj alternative theater festival, the Literature Festival and the Novi Sad Jazz Festival. Other important centers for Serbian culture are: Offset of the Serbian Academy of Science and Art, the Municipal Library and Azbukum.

In the city you can visit museums and art galleries. The most famous is the Museum of Vojvodina, founded in 1847. It contains many exhibits related to the history of Serbian culture over the centuries. The most impressive art gallery is the Gallery of Fine Arts, which belongs to Matica Srpska. The collections come mainly from the 20th century.

It is also worth adding that it is a very important research center in the country. Higher education is particularly developed there. There are 2 universities and 7 private faculties there. The University of Novi Sad trains approximately 40,000 students at a time and employs almost 3,000 scientists. You can also meet there students from Poland and other European universities who willingly come here for Erasmus and lead a rich entertainment life in the local pubs. As they say, Novi Sad is affordable for students.

Monumental fortress and nightlife

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting attractions of the city is the Petrovaradin fortress located on the outskirts of Novi Sad. It is a monumental building that astonishes many tourists with its size. In terms of size, it ranks second among all European fortresses. In real life, its size is truly impressive. It can be visited all year round and free of charge.

Petrovaradin changed its owners almost constantly. Initially, it was in the hands of Byzantium, then it was taken over by the Hungarians, then the Turks, and at the end of the 17th century by the Habsburgs. The influences of all the owners have left their mark on the appearance of the building, making it even more artistic and multicultural.

Currently, the fortress has an art gallery, several cafes, restaurants and bars where you can have a romantic dinner with a view of the Danube and the panorama of the entire city. The narrow streets of Podzamcze allow you to admire old, historic architectural specimens. It is also in this fortress that the famous EXIT Festival takes place, which brings together creators of various musical genres: from electronic music, through punk, to heavy metal.

When in Novi Sad, it is difficult to miss Freedom Square located in the city center. It houses, among others, the impressive city hall. Freedom Square is always full of tourists and local residents. There are also many streets adjacent to it, with restaurants and bars, including those serving local cuisine. There are also many clubs and discos in the city, because the nightlife of Novi Sad is extremely active and often lasts until dawn, also during the week. Sometimes it looks like no one has to go to work the next day.

Tourist attractions of Novi Sad also include Danube Park and the possibility of walking along the Danube bank, from where you can see the illuminated Petrovaradin fortress. In the evening, the illuminated bridges are also impressive.

Orthodox churches as churches

The local temples are also noteworthy. Although Orthodox Christianity predominates in Serbia, most of the religious buildings in Novi Sad look not like Orthodox churches, but Catholic churches. This is also the influence of this area’s affiliation to Austria-Hungary. Although the rulers allowed different beliefs, the buildings, at least from the outside, were supposed to resemble those from the empire. You can experience quite a surprise when entering the “church”, which looks like an Orthodox church inside.

Near Wolności Square there is the Bishop’s Palace, built in 1901. It is the seat of the Orthodox bishop, and right in front of it you can admire the monument of the poet Jovan Jovanovic.

It is also worth seeing the Cathedral of St. George, which was built a few years later than the Bishop’s Palace. The cathedral was destroyed during the Spring of Nations, but it was rebuilt and now the interior of the temple amazes with its splendor and beauty. Of course, from the outside they look like a church.

Another tourist attraction of Novi Sad is the synagogue. Before World War II, many Jews lived in the city, some of whom were murdered during the war, and some emigrated. Currently, there are not many of them, the dominant religion in Novi Sad is Orthodox Christianity. Now the synagogue is a place where various cultural events take place, such as concerts and film festivals.

Fruska Gora, something for active people

Man does not live by cities, monuments and pubs alone. Fruska Gora near Novi Sad is a perfect attraction for nature and hiking lovers. This is a low mountain range perfect for long walks with beautiful views.

The amazing nature makes Fruska gora popular among travelers as a place for both activity and blissful relaxation. There are many trails for pedestrians and cyclists. You can stay there in numerous low-budget hostels. Every year in May, a marathon takes place in Fruska gora. There is also a cave called Grgurevacka pęcina. It is located near the black trail Fruskogorska tranzverzała.

There are also beautiful monasteries on Fruska Gora that are worth seeing. However, please remember that some of them have orthodox rules when it comes to dress: women should wear a headscarf and a skirt. Men, however, must forget about short shorts.

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