Polish woman cheated in Croatia. She rented a car and lost PLN 4,000. zlotys

Polish woman cheated in Croatia.  She rented a car and lost PLN 4,000.  zlotys

It was a quiet holiday in Croatia, but the Pole quickly found out that not everything went as she planned. She made a reservation through Booking.com and was scammed. She lost a large sum of money irretrievably.

We learned about the sad situation via social media. A traveler decided to share a sad story with Internet users and posted the recording on TikTok. She revealed how she lost almost PLN 4,000 when booking through Booking.com. zlotys. Now he warns against making such a mistake.

She was scammed while on holiday in Croatia

Today, we use the Booking.com platform in various regions of the world. It is so popular that we trust it implicitly and often do not suspect that something could go wrong. Unfortunately, for some time now, users have been regularly warned against fraudsters who place their ads there. She informed about the unpleasant incident on Facebook, among others. a woman who was asked to click on a suspicious link. There are more and more such situations. A Polish woman who runs a TikTok profile called @nataliahermaan also encountered an unpleasant incident.

According to the woman’s account, she went to Split, Croatia. It all started on September 5 – that’s when she went on vacation. However, the end of the holiday was not as she dreamed. Before landing there, she decided to book a car for the entire week through Booking.com. As it turned out, she made a mistake.

A great option turned out to be a curse, the woman was deceived and lost her money. “I thought it was safe because it was a website I used to order something many times. Then everything went well and I received information that Greenmotion had accepted the order,” the woman revealed. It turned out that after that the problems started.

She lost money, now she is warning others

“Use this story as a warning and share it with everyone you can, because there are a lot of people like me” – Natalia began to describe her story with disturbing words. She lost almost 4 thousand. PLN after it turned out that the company offering the car belonged to fraudsters. “I was running back and forth, typing the company’s address into the navigation, and it was just a wasteland.” Fortunately, we were able to quickly get help on site by calling the company’s representatives. Someone with the Vintax logo came to pick up the woman, although – as Natalia said – that wasn’t where she made the reservation. She was dealing with the so-called subcontractors.

She ended up arriving at the company’s headquarters to sign the documents and confirm the reservation. “I was informed that I had to pay a refundable deposit blocked on the card, which was supposed to be 800 euros, or almost 4,000. zlotys. When I returned the car after a week, I was assured that the money would be returned to my account, but the return deadline had passed and there was nothing in the account,” added Natalia.

At the end, it turned out that despite contacting and submitting complaints to Booking.com, the deposit could not be recovered. Vintax regularly takes funds from customers’ cards and defrauds tourists. The local media is writing about everything, but still no one has dealt with this practice.

Natalia’s case was reported to the bank. “I don’t know if I will get this money back, no one talks to me,” the woman said in the recording. It turns out that even lawyers remain helpless, because the recovery process itself would be more expensive than the stolen amount. “I warn you, do not rent a car in Croatia, many subcontractors, such as: Abba Car and Greenmotion are related to Vintax, there are plenty of these companies” – this is how the woman ended the story with a sad accent. He also asks for any contact with people who won against Croatian fraudsters.

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