A new travel trend is reigning supreme on TikTok. Tourists visit… French pharmacies

A new travel trend is reigning supreme on TikTok.  Tourists visit... French pharmacies

American tourists have found a new travel trend. France is still their greatest interest. However, this time they visit… pharmacies. What is this all about?

French pharmacies have become the latest travel trend among American tourists. This is evidenced by the popularity of the hashtag #Frenchpharmacy, which has reached a staggering 130 million views on TikTok. And although it’s hard to believe, visiting these places has for now replaced trips to the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe.

Tourists storm French pharmacies. A new travel trend

A trip to a French pharmacy is the latest travel trend on TikTok, especially among American visitors. What is it about this place that attracts so many people?

Pharmacies have become a must-see attraction in France after tourists on TikTok praise them everywhere. This happened thanks to influencers from the beauty and travel industries. It is they (and most often they) who share products and services that we can use in French pharmacies. And they give advice on what to buy.

TikTok has gone “crazy” about French pharmacies

Influencer @glowwithava, who has a million followers on TikTok, visited a pharmacy as soon as she returned to Paris. Her videos feature products that are not available in the United States or cost much less in Europe. In addition to medicines and health treatments, French pharmacies often offer exclusive beauty brands and wellness products.

Another tiktoker, Emilie Kiser, said she created the product list using previous #Frenchpharmacy videos posted online by other users.

In addition to luxurious French skin care products, the selection of herbal teas, supplements and probiotics also attracts attention. The trend has become so popular that tourists also like to take photos in front of pharmacies (there are as many as 21,000 of them in France). They take photos in front of windows with the characteristic green cross and then post them online.

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