A doe attacked a child in the center of Zakopane. Caution movie

A doe attacked a child in the center of Zakopane.  Caution movie

A dangerous event has recently taken place in the capital of the Tatra Mountains, which could have ended really badly. It turns out that it was a consequence of not very prudent behavior of tourists. There’s a movie that’s worth checking out.

The holiday season is in full swing, which means that many Poles are on their long-awaited vacation. Most people in our country go to the Baltic Sea or to the mountains. Those who love mountain climbing and walks among picturesque landscapes are happy to choose the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane as their destination. Unfortunately, the more visitors in a given region, the greater the likelihood of serious accidents.

One of these took place recently in the center of Zakopane. It was here that the child was attacked by a nervous doe. Weekly Podhalański posted a video on the network as a warning. This incident could have been avoided.

Accident in the center of Zakopane. The doe knocked the baby over

The Tatra Mountains and their surroundings are inhabited not only by people, but also by representatives of various animal species. Representatives of the Tatra National Park regularly inform, for example, that a bear has appeared in a given area and warn tourists against approaching it. Some time ago, even the trail was closed due to the fact that you could meet a bear with cubs nearby.

However, the bear is not the only animal that can potentially threaten tourists. This is also the case with hinds, which are common in this region. And although their sight is not uncommon, you have to remember that this is a wild animal that is unpredictable if it feels threatened in any way.

Tourists in the center of Zakopane, and more precisely those staying at Równia Krupowa, have recently found out about it. The parents and their daughter approached the female deer. The child posed with the pet for photos. At one point, however, the doe kicked the girl and knocked her over, and then ran away.

Boring comments under the video

A video showing this incident was presented on the Internet by Tygodnik Podhalański as a warning. Internet users do not spare words of criticism towards the child’s parents. The event could have ended much worse.

The video electrified the observers. They criticized the behavior of the girl’s parents on the Internet. “What a tragedy must happen for someone to react”, “Bravo parents”, “It’s a pity for the child” – they wrote. What do you think?

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