Müller: Three important projects this year to protect Poles against the effects of inflation

Müller: Three important projects this year to protect Poles against the effects of inflation

The outgoing government does not give up on having three economically important bills passed by the Sejm. It’s about freezing energy prices, zero VAT on food and credit holidays.

Can the three key economic projects that the United Right government announced before the elections come into force? Their submission to a vote in the Sejm was announced by government spokesman Piotr Müller on the First Program of Polish Radio.

Zero VAT on food, freezing of energy prices and credit holidays

We are talking about three ideas that are intended to further protect Poles against the effects of high inflation. These are continuations of ideas from the so-called anti-inflation shield, which have been accepted for a long time.

– We currently see three things that are necessary and will be reported from the government level or parliamentary projects. These are three issues that require quick action. Firstly, it is a project of credit holidays, which is prepared by the government, secondly, a project of statutory application of zero VAT on food for the next six months and thirdly, freezing electricity prices so that they increase dramatically in January – said government spokesman Piotr Müller.

– We want the Sejm to deal with these projects this year in order to protect Poles against the effects of inflation in these areas – added.

Interestingly, passing bills through the Sejm may turn out to be quite easy despite the lack of a majority. These are projects that were partly included in the programs or declarations of politicians of the so-called democratic opposition, which has the greatest chance of creating a new government.

Continue with CPK?

The government spokesman was also asked about the matter of the Central Communication Port, which continues to arouse great political emotions.

– Agreements regarding part of the CPK have already been signed. There is also a resolution of the Council of Ministers regarding the financing of this project. I am surprised by such declarations of the opposition, because this project is well calculated and has a specific location – he said.

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