Tourist attraction in the middle of the sea. An entertainment center will be built here

Tourist attraction in the middle of the sea.  An entertainment center will be built here

Tourists will be able to use, among others: luxury hotels, restaurants and an extreme sports center. The new facility will look like an oil platform.

Saudi Arabia is known for its unusual tourist ideas. A desert country where the summer temperature significantly exceeds 40 degrees Celsius has announced the construction of a ski resort. Now it turns out that this is not the only surprise. Construction of a new amusement park has just started, which will be built in the middle of the sea.

The luxurious “The Rig” looks like an oil rig

A project of a new tourist attraction appeared in the Arab media, which may permanently be included in the list of the most important places to visit in the country with its capital in Riyadh. The Oil Park Development Company (OPDC) on Wednesday unveiled a master plan for the country’s eastern coast near Al Juraid Island. This is where “The Rig” will be created – the latest idea of ​​Saudi sheikhs. The 30-hectare facility will resemble an oil platform, but it will hide much more inside. Tourists will be able to visit three luxury hotels, 11 sumptuous restaurants, a park for extreme sports, a water park and a theater. New attractions are constantly being planned.

By 2032, the new facility is expected to host almost a million people annually

The cost of the fancy project is expected to be around five billion dollars. The opening date has not been revealed yet, but Saudi developers estimate that by 2032, “The Rig” should be an important point on the country’s map. “The Rig is expected to host more than 900,000 visitors annually by 2032, attracting a broad national, regional and international audience, including adrenaline seekers, explorers and relaxation seekers,” said The Rig CEO Raed Bakhrji. The inspiration with an oil platform is also not accidental – it is a tribute to Saudi Arabia’s heritage related to oil and gas extraction.

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