This is what London looks like before Christmas. People struggle to get through the center

This is what London looks like before Christmas.  People struggle to get through the center

In the pre-Christmas period, nothing attracts more than charming cities with light illuminations, Christmas trees and fairs. For this reason, tourists come in large numbers, among others. to London. Unfortunately, this has serious consequences.

The extraordinary situation in London is reported by, among others: Influencers. Social media is full of videos showing crowds of tourists walking around the city center. There are so many people that it is difficult to get on a tram or bus. The spaces look like a concert of a world star.

London crowded with tourists. It’s impossible to pass

London is one of the most popular cities in the world. It is associated with, among others, with the iconic Harry Potter, but also Queen Elizabeth or Buckingham Palace. This is where millions of tourists come every year. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them during Christmas time. Everything incl. because of the fairs.

Due to excess crowds in Great Britain, the oldest Christmas market, which was located in Lincoln, was recently closed. It turned out that his popularity was too high, which made it dangerous. Now it is equally dangerous throughout central London. The above-mentioned recordings show that everyone who started Christmas shopping has a serious problem.

The recordings from London are shocking. This is what the city looks like

Not only residents, but also tourists from Poland inform about the situation in London. One of the TikTok users, who runs a profile called @evelinaross_, says in her recording: “We came for a Christmas walk around London and look what’s going on here. You can’t walk.” In the background you can hear, among others: noise and screams. Reports show that the problem is entering the subway and even crossing the lanes to the other side of the street. “Don’t do this, stay at home,” the Pole writes on her profile.

We see a similar image of London in other recordings posted online. Even after dark, there are so many people that it is impossible to talk or breathe freely. About four days ago, an unusual video was recorded by a man traveling around the city by bus. From outside the window you can see people trying to walk the streets, but there are numerous blockades.

There are so many tourists, including: because many of them come for a Christmas walk and look for gifts. In addition, there are pro-Palestinian demonstrations and football fans. This results in, among others: problems with urban transport. It is also easier to fall victim to theft or simply feel physically unwell.

Currently, the biggest crowds in London are at the popular Christmas market on Columbia Road. Anyone who intends to look for the spirit of the holidays there must be patient. There are so many people willing to go shopping and sing carols together that event organizers lose control. Some local events are canceled because of this.

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