Airline tickets are almost 30% more expensive. And this is one of many increases

Airline tickets are almost 30% more expensive.  And this is one of many increases

Data collected by the portal shows that this year’s holidays were really expensive. Airline tickets have increased in price by almost 1/3 compared to 2022, and this is not the only increase.

During this year’s holidays, Poles mainly traveled for shorter periods and, in addition, often chose self-catering when traveling. In this way, they tried to fight rising prices that also affect the tourism industry. How much have the prices of various services we use while on vacation increased? The website collected such data. They do not inspire optimism.

Airline tickets by almost 30%. more expensive

Experts from the platform indicate that the average air ticket price in 2023 was PLN 745 and was 28% higher. compared to the same period last year. We also paid more for choosing a seat on the plane – here the fee increased by 63%. compared to 2022.

This year’s holidays mean not only an increase in the prices of airline tickets, but also other services. By over 70 percent. fees for hand luggage and checked luggage have increased by almost 50%. compared to 2022. Despite double-digit inflation and the rapid increase in prices, Poles did not give up on trips this holiday season. We booked flights at least two months in advance (23%), and 64% of us went on holiday that lasted from 3 to 8 days.

During the peak season, prices of consumer goods and services increased by 13% compared to the same period last year. in June and by 10.8 percent in July (Central Statistical Office).

Poles traveled outside the country

Respondents in an online survey conducted by the portal most often mention the desire to travel to new places (75%) and unpredictable weather in the country (52%) as the reason for spending their holidays abroad. A better price-quality ratio also speaks in favor of trips abroad (40%). However, 25 percent indicated that holidays abroad are cheaper than those at home.

Among people traveling by plane, only 2 percent respondents decided to go on holiday only in Poland. Nearly half spent their holidays outside the country this year (49%). The prospect of spending a similar amount of money on a holiday at the Polish seaside made us more willing to go on trips to cities or beaches in Western and Southern Europe.

Data regarding reservations via the platform show that the five most popular holiday destinations include Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey and Croatia. Air tickets to countries within Europe were most frequently booked, and the most frequently visited places include: Paris (ticket prices from PLN 554), Rome (from PLN 668), London (from PLN 480), Barcelona (from PLN 875). ) or Athens (from PLN 653).

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