Another disaster for the Swedes. We also met the eighth participant of the European Football Championships

Another disaster for the Swedes.  We also met the eighth participant of the European Football Championships

For the first time in 25 years, the Swedish national team will not go to the World and European Championships. As expected, the Swedes did not manage to be among the top two teams that qualified for the European Championship 2024. However, alongside the Belgians, Austrian players will go to Germany.

The Swedes have significantly reduced flights over the last few years. Polish fans certainly remember the decisive match to go to the World Cup in Qatar (2022). At the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów, the White and Reds defeated the Swedes (2-0), and Robert Lewandowski and Piotr Zieliński each scored a goal for the Poles.

The Swedes will not go to Euro 2024, Austria is certain of advancement

After the absence from the 2022 World Cup, it was time for another failure, this time during the group competition for promotion to the 2024 European Championship. The Swedes did not manage to get through the qualifying group. Sweden had to compete, among others: with Belgium and Austria. The former, as the favorites of Group F, fulfilled their task, being at the top after seven rounds.

However, the Austrians blocked the way for the Swedes much earlier, looking as impressive as the Belgians. On Monday (i.e. October 16), the Swedes had to count on a miracle in the form of Belgium’s defeat away in Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijanis fought bravely, but in the end they were unable to seize any advantage, and Austria won 1-0, thus sealing their promotion to next year’s European Championships. The Austrians won’t be far away, because the best teams on the Old Continent will play in Germany.

The first such case since 1995

Sweden is in a big crisis when it comes to national football. Failure to advance to the World Championships and European Championships is the first such case since 1995. Why can’t the Swedes count on the chance to play in the Euro 2024 play-offs, just like the Poles? As if there were not enough problems, the Swedes were relegated from the B division of the Nations League. For this reason, Sweden, by not qualifying from the qualifying group, completely lost its chance to go to Euro 2024.

What about the Polish national team? This one will probably be in the play-off zone. We will find out who exactly and what the fate of the White and Reds will be at the end of the qualifying groups after this part ends in November this year.

Those confident of advancing to the European Championship 2024 are: Germany (host), Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Turkey and Austria.

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