The people of Croatia are outraged. The behavior of tourists crosses all limits

The people of Croatia are outraged.  The behavior of tourists crosses all limits

In one of the most popular Croatian cities, scandals involving tourists are commonplace. There are also Poles among foreigners causing problems.

The holidays can be too much for some people. Every year, this is experienced by the inhabitants of Split, who have seen all the worst behavior of tourists in their lives, starting from sunbathing in swimsuits in the city center, through drunkenness on the streets, to satisfying physiological needs in public places. On the occasion of the upcoming season, the Croatian daily “Slobodna Dalmacija” recalled the worst incidents involving foreigners.

Brazen behavior of tourists in Croatia

Meeting Croatia can be a beautiful experience, as long as we arrive here before the peak season. As the daily “Slobodna Dalmacija” writes, in summer there are crowds of tourists on the streets of the most popular towns, whose behavior may be far from correct. The inhabitants of Split are outraged, seeing new ways of breaking social rules. Recently, attention was drawn to two women who decided to sunbathe in bikinis in the center of the historic city. Croatian media emphasize that such situations are not exceptions. Drunkenness, nudity, and even satisfying one's physiological needs in public places are scenarios that occur every year with the participation of foreign visitors.

Among them, Poles

“Slobodna Dalmacija” recalled the story of a Pole who had no intention of paying the 20-cent toilet fee and ended up relieving himself on the street. “The city guards were called, the situation was explained and it was noted that there were cameras nearby that recorded the scene. The officers replied that they did not have time. Have we really sunk so low that such abnormal things are normal to us?” – asks the author of the article. Unfortunately, the cause of many reprehensible behaviors is excessive alcohol consumption. This problem is also visible on the Spanish islands, which this year decided to introduce restrictions on its consumption.

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