Karol Świderski will return to Poland. Surprising news

Karol Świderski will return to Poland.  Surprising news

Karol Świderski has already finished the MLS season and there are concerns that he may not be in shape for the November training camp of the Polish national team. Ultimately, there were surprising reports that the Charlotte FC striker would return to Poland.

Karol Świderski is one of the most important figures in the Polish national team and Charlotte FC. Out of 34 possible matches in MLS, he played 31, in which he scored 12 goals and made five assists. Unfortunately, at a time when the game is just gaining momentum in Europe, it is coming to an end for many clubs in the United States.

Karol Świderski finished the MLS season

Unfortunately, Karol Świderski and his Charlotte lost in the round of 16 of the MLS play-offs to New York Red Bulls 2:5. The Polish representative’s assist in this match only helped to reduce the scale of the defeat.

This is not good for… Michał Probierz, who will need Karol Świderski, who is in great shape, and is one of the standout figures. The striker always gives the national team some impulse, which translates into numbers. In 26 matches in Socio, the Charlotte player scored 10 goals, and only this year he gave us a victory in the match against Albania (1-0) and a draw with Moldova (1-1), and provided an assist in a 2-0 win against the Faroe Islands in the qualifying round for European Championships.

Surprising news. Karol Świderski returns to Poland

As it turns out, Karol Świderski intends to maintain good form and after the end of the MLS season he intends to… return to Poland. Surprising news was reported on X (formerly Twitter) by Przemysław Pawlak from “Piłka Nożna”. According to his information, the Charlotte FC striker will train with the top league club.

“Karol Świderski will be preparing for the November matches of the Polish national team with the Czech Republic and Latvia with Śląsk Wrocław. Training with Jacek Magiera’s team will start this week. This is related to the end of the season by Charlotte FC,” we read.

Michał Probierz’s players will play the last qualifying match of the 2024 European Championships against the Czech Republic. This meeting is scheduled for November 17, 2023. The White and Reds still have a chance to directly advance to this championship. Scenarios must come true in which the matches between Moldova and Albania and the Czech Republic and Moldova will be crucial. Four days later, the White and Reds will play a sparring match with Latvia.

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