This dog has flown on a plane approximately 250 times. Internet users are delighted with the traveler’s pug

This dog has flown on a plane approximately 250 times.  Internet users are delighted with the traveler's pug

There are many extraordinary travelers in the world. They are rarely animals. This time we paid attention to a pug that loves flying. It’s a hit on the Internet.

For many of us, a dog and a plane don’t go together. We give up on sky travel with pets, considering them demanding, expensive, and sometimes even impossible. We often do not want to expose animals to unnecessary stress. While this makes sense, there are stories that prove that there are amazing exceptions in the world. Kuma the Pug not only flies often, but he does it with joy.

The Traveler Dog amazes everyone. He’s flown hundreds of times

An example that dogs not only can, but also like to fly, is Kuma. This is a pug that has been traveling by plane since he was five months old. Even as a puppy, he was accustomed to the airport, crowds and noise. Today, none of these things impress him, which allows him to travel regularly.

We learned about Kuma’s story thanks to the TikTok profile @pugkuma. Today he is followed by over 98,000 people. people. The dog comes from Japan and his name means: bear. Photos and a video with his participation have already gained 4.2 million likes. Internet users eagerly comment on his exploits and are impressed that the pug has already survived about 250 flights.

“You may be in a bad mood, but Kuma will improve your condition,” wrote one of the women under her Tiktok posts. “As the owner of two pugs, I desperately need you to write a book about how you trained yours,” someone else added with a smile. It is clear that Internet users admire the fact that a dog owner can take his dog with him almost everywhere.

This is how a pug travels. Sometimes he has special outfits

Kuma the dog is a travel influencer. It attracts attention not only with its black color, but also with its funny outfits. These are prepared for him by his 38-year-old owner, Sid Henderson. One day, in an interview with the British website Daily Mail, he revealed that he travels a lot for business purposes. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to leave his dog friend alone.

The dog traveler usually flies from the same place, i.e. New York. That’s where it’s easiest to meet him. He has already flown, among others, to Paris, Montreal, Seoul, Porto and Lisbon. Henderson revealed that he noticed that Kuma didn’t care where he was, but he loved smelling new places. The most important thing is that they are together.

Before each flight, Sid takes the dog to the carrier. Kuma is brave and easy-going. It usually sits under the owner’s feet and often does not attract attention at all. Importantly, these journeys never last longer than 6 or 7 hours. In addition, the pug must be run before each flight.

Although traveling with pets is still not very popular, it is worth remembering that there are airlines around the world that are very open to such passengers. If the dog is small, it does not have to land in the luggage compartment. What do you think about traveling in such company?

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