A new tourist attraction in Lower Silesia. It is located underground

A new tourist attraction in Lower Silesia.  It is located underground

The first tourists will enter the underground complex next year. The excavated tunnels are the most important element of the Kamienna Góra park project.

The “Volcano of Attractions” project is entering the next stage of work. The park, which will become the biggest attraction of Kamienna Góra in Lubań in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, is intended to attract primarily history lovers. More than two years after entering the underground corridors of the adit created during World War II, there is talk of the date the facility will be made available to tourists. The first visitors will descend into the tunnels at the earliest next year.

Lower Silesian adits and mines

The area around Wrocław is famous for many mysterious undergrounds, the creation of which is often associated with the presence of the Third Reich in Lower Silesia. It is in this part of Poland that we can visit the Walim Adits, where in the tunnels built by Nazi soldiers we can find replicas of rockets and bombs. It is also a region with numerous mines, including: Uranium in Kletno or Złoty Stok (gold mine) in Kłodzko with an amazing underground waterfall. Soon, tourists will be able to take advantage of another mysterious attraction located under the surface.

Tunnels from World War II in Lubań

Stone Mountain in Lubań, a basalt hill rising to a height of 283 meters above sea level, is the remains of Tertiary volcanoes. This is why the renovation project of this place was named “Volcano of attractions” – and there will certainly be plenty of them here. Soon, a few years after the start of the project, its most important part will be made available to tourists – underground tunnels from World War II. This place has been meticulously excavated since 2021, when a group of enthusiasts from the Association of Lovers of Upper Lusatia, thanks to the financial help of many companies and institutions, managed to enter their interior. The work is slowly coming to an end.

Now explorers will have to deal with the gas locks that still remain unexcavated. The first tourists will enter the attractions no sooner than next year. “The basalt underground has great tourist potential. Similar places, such as the Gold Mine in Złoty Stok or the underground of the Riese complex in the Owl Mountains, are lures, attracting crowds of tourists from Poland and abroad. The second stage of the renovation of the park in Kamienna Góra is to be a preparation for the launch of an underground tourist route,” said Arkadiusz Słowiński, Mayor of Lubań.

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