Black clouds over Palikot's head. He loses his houses and is PLN 200 million in debt

Black clouds over Palikot's head.  He loses his houses and is PLN 200 million in debt

Janusz Palikot has serious financial problems. The businessman is having more and more problems with his creditors and his debts are astronomical.

Janusz Palikot enjoyed the reputation of an efficient businessman for many years. It was he who founded the Ambra company in early 1990, which produced sparkling wines. After selling the shares, he founded another company through which he controlled Polmos Lublin. In 2018, he bought Browar Tenczynek from Marek Jakubiak. He was also a co-owner of the publishing house Słowa/obraz terytoria.

Janusz Palikot loses his real estate

Recently, however, a dark cloud appeared over the businessman's head. Janusz Palikot has more and more problems with creditors. He is losing more and more properties and the arrears to ZUS are piling up.'s findings show that Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina is over PLN 400,000 in arrears. PLN of insurance premiums.

The main source of financing for this business was the so-called social loans called Bunt Finansowy. The agreements were concluded between individual investors and Tenczynek Dystrybucja SA, part of the MPWiW group. A few months ago, the first reports about the holding's problems appeared. From spring this year the former politician does not pay interest due to people who decided to invest in his business.

In an interview with “Fakt”, the businessman admitted that his debts currently amount to astronomical amounts. – When it comes to loans that people have given, it is about PLN 200 million. Some of these are loans invested in capital, some are liabilities between companies, and some are external loans. External loans in the strict sense amount to PLN 90 million, he explained. Janusz Palikot added that his current financial situation meant that his wife was responsible for supporting the family.

Janusz Palikot on cooperation with Kuba Wojewódzki

Janusz Palikot also referred to his cooperation with Kuba Wojewódzki, which had a stormy ending. The former MP suggested the star enter the alcohol business in 2020. The Friendly State company was then established and released products such as BUH beer and WYBUHOWA vodka. When reports of financial problems emerged, Kuba Wojewódzki apologized for his cooperation and assured that he was not on the management or supervisory board and did not know how the money was spent.

– We didn't agree that anyone would get the money. We agreed that his shares would be worth much more and that they would be listed on the stock exchange. I don't know why the stock exchange didn't let us in. I hope that now, with the change of government, it will be clarified whether the previous government's nefarious interests were behind it, commented Janusz Palikot in “Fakt”.

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