A new observation tower in Poland. This time in Muszyna

A new observation tower in Poland.  This time in Muszyna

The new observation tower in Poland is finally available. We can find it in Małopolska, right next to the Tatra Mountains. This tourist attraction will delight not only mountain lovers.

Observation towers are very popular in Poland. One of the most famous is the one created on the former Orlinek ski jumping hill in Karpacz. Although it is quite steep, it attracts not only adults. New places in a similar style are opening every now and then, one of them is the point on Malnik in Muszyna. Małopolska has reasons to be happy.

A new observation tower in Poland. It was established in Muszyna

The construction of a new tower in Muszyna was announced already in 2022. Now the goal has finally been achieved, and tourists can already enjoy the beautiful attraction. Thanks to it, you can admire the panorama of the Tatra Mountains, Jaworzyna, Slovakia and take wonderful photos. This is something for entire families with children. The wooden structure sits on a forested peak, making everything breathtaking. We can feel that we are exceptionally close to nature.

“The Nowy Sącz Construction Supervision Inspector in Nowy Sącz has given consent to use the tower. The views are beautiful. We invite you,” Mayor Jan Golba encouraged tourists in the local media. He emphasized that once there, we would take a walk in the clouds, treetops or above the trees. There is no fee to enter.

Tower on Malnik. This is a serious investment

The creators of the new tower in Malnik see great potential in it and hope that it will become a tourist hit. It is known that the investment cost a lot of money. According to the Gazeta Krakowska website, the construction cost was initially estimated at PLN 2 million, and funds for the investment were obtained from RFIL intended to support mountain communes. Then Muszyna received PLN 7 million to support tourist investments.

These types of observation towers are very popular. In Małopolska, it doesn’t end with just one. Most of such facilities are in the Beskid Sądecki and Wyspowy Mountains. Iconic viewpoints include, among others: the tower in Bruśnik, in Krynica-Zdrój or the “Ślimak” tower in Wola Krogulecka. Each of them has a slightly different design and materials from which it is made. However, it undoubtedly allows you to enjoy breathtaking views.

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